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Be Productive, Right Off the Bat

A "1 Minute Mindset" productivity hack

· Productivity,Stress Management,Confidence,Feel in Control

It is time to start talking about one of my favorite subjects...stress!

The idea of "stress management" is kind of silly to me.


Because we do not really need to manage "our stress," if you think about it. Rather, we need to manage our REACTIONS to things, people, and situations.

Our STRESSORS are really the things that we need to look at in order to feel more in control.

Simply put, when we feel more in control, we feel less stressed.

Today I am going to share a tip that has to do with managing the stressor of feeling non-productive or "behind the 8-ball."

Take a listen and learn an easy way to feel productive, right off the bat, every day!

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