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Enough With the New Year's Resolutions, Already!

3 thoughts on why they never work and never will...

As I Google "stats on new year's resolutions," here is what I see:

SO...why do we feel the need to still make them? We obviously, as a society, do not put a lot of effort into keeping them. It is as if we feel that we are "supposed to" do something to think about maybe trying to improve something in our lives based on nothing more than a date that really has little meaning other than just being another date in the calendar, which simply continues to roll everyday of our lives.

That's because there really is nothing special about the date of January 1st.

It is one day, no different that the other 364 days in this year. It is one day, no different than the approximately 27,000 days that the average person lives. THAT is exactly why the vast majority (and that is an understatement) of people who make a new years resolution blow it by February 1st. That is also why you have probably made the same resolutions more than once.

Here are 3 thoughts on how to dump your new years resolution and, instead, make some real lifestyle shifts that will promote real happiness, real healthiness, and real change:

1. Make Sure You Are Focusing on the Right Goal...and Get Specific

We are so brainwashed by "reductionist" thinking in our society that we have completely lost site of the "whole" or "big" picture. A perfect example of this is one of the most widely used new years resolutions...weight loss. When you have actually become convinced that counting calories or dumping carbs or taking a multi-vitamin everyday are the things that will make you healthier, you have lost the ability to become healthier. Those are all very small pieces to the puzzle. One of the top new years resolutions for many people in 2018 will (once again) be to "lose weight" or to "get healthier" or to "eat better." But what the hell does any of that mean? If you are making those types of resolutions, you are bound to fail unless you get specific and have a plan as to what it means for you.

It is time to dump the idea of deprivation through dieting (a multi-billion dollar industry built on your coming back - and paying them - multiple times). If something works, you do not have to keep going back to it over and over. If you have ever been on a diet, you know they do not work long-term; they are not a lifestyle, they are never pleasant, and they are something that you have to "work really hard at doing" forever.

In contrast, by educating yourself on what healthy eating really is (and is not)...spoiler is easier than you begin to understand that you can not only eat and enjoy food for the rest of your life, but you can lose weight as a by-product of simply eating healthier.

Try something different this year - do not focus on weight loss. Focus instead on making some healthier choices consistently. Focus on learning a little more about what habits REALLY serve you when it comes to making healthier choices. Focus on eating more real/whole foods instead of having to take a multi-vitamin because you are NOT getting real nutrients in your current food choices.

It is easier than ever to hop on to Pinterest or Instagram and type in "healthy eating" or "whole foods" or "real nutrition" and quickly learn some things you did not know before. You will see the same things over and over and over again from people who are already healthy.

You will quickly see that, when you take your focus off of losing your excess weight and move your focus to making healthier choices, weight-loss will take care of itself.

2. Learn From People Who Are Already Where You Want to Be

There is a lot of information out there today. Some people use this as an excuse to remain ignorant. They think that, because there is so much information, it is too hard to figure out what is real and what is not. After all, ignorance is bliss.


Successful people never use that as an excuse (that is why they succeed with many of their goals). They find people who have already accomplished what they themselves are seeking to do and become a student.

Be one of those people. How? Make some new mantras are a few good examples:

  • I will get quality information about what I am working on accomplishing - in other words, if you have not done or are not currently doing what I am wanting to do, your opinion about what to do or how to do it does not mean anything to me.
  • I will ask better questions - “The answers you get depend on the questions you ask.” (Thomas S. Kuhn) Since I can research anything I need to know within a matter of minutes, I am going to stop wishing and hoping and guessing and I am going to start learning and doing, instead.

  • I will adjust my own sails to make things happen - “The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.” ( John C. Maxwell)

3. Realize That "Motivation" Is Not What You Need

Too many people think that "motivation" is what you need to accomplish a goal. They use it as an excuse to quit; "I lost my motivation," "I just couldn't stay motivated." Sometimes people replace the word "motivation" with the word "willpower." Two words, same bullshit thinking.

Motivation is a momentary thing. It is not something that is meant to carry you through a journey. The things that do that are called "habits."

You do not need more motivation; what you really need are better habits.

Here is an analogy to explain how motivation and habits work together to accomplish anything:

When you get into a car, before you can drive, you have to turn the car on. The way you do that is by putting a key into the ignition or pushing a button. That key or button creates a spark, which starts the car. Pretty simple. However, once that spark is created, the key has absolutely nothing else to do with that car moving. Its job is over. In order for that car to go anywhere, you have to change gears, hit the accelerator, steer, occasionally brake, hit the accelerator again, steer in a different direction, change gears again, etc.

Motivation is like that ignition key. Nothing can happen without it, but once it does its job (creating a spark), it is pretty useless. Habits need to take over in order for anything to go further.

This year, if you feel you must make a new years resolution, make one that is specific and supported by habits, not by perceived motivation. Let the spark inspire you and then move your attention to creating consistent, daily habits that support that inspiration.

Here's to a successful 2018 - whatever that means to you! Make this year the year that you stop doing things the way you always have done and give yourself permission to shift gears. As Stephen Covey so eloquently put it, "If we keep doing what we're doing, we're going to keep getting what we're getting." If you want something different, empower yourself to make different choices. Give yourself a chance for a positive outcome.

Happy and healthy new year!

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