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    Author, Speaker, Motivator

    "People hire Robin when they are ready to stress less and accomplish more!"


  • A Little About Me...

    Are YOU ready to discover your

    Untapped Excellence™?

    My philosophy is beyond simple:

    You are over-thinking everything!

    When you think differently, you work differently (and you accomplish more with less stress).

    I help people "get out of their own way" and get things accomplished by teaching them how to get clarity, get moving, and get results. When you learn how to shift your focus, shift your mindset, and take little actions consistently, you move forward quickly.

    Those little shifts have a huge impact!

    Professionally, I am an award-winning journalist, award-winning playwright, author, speaker and motivator. Personally, I am a mom, wife, and friend.

    Through private coaching, keynotes, workshops, articles, webinars and online courses, I provide a simple, creative, and humorous bent on Stress Management, Self-Talk, Motivation and Confidence that helps people stress less and accomplish more.

    Clients range from individuals who want to discover their own Untapped Excellence™ to Fortune 100 companies. I am proud to say that I have facilitated personal and professional development workshops throughout the United States and Canada for companies including Microsoft, Panera, and American Greetings.

    "Get Off My Bus!: How to Get Clarity, Get in the Driver's Seat, and Get Moving in Your Life!," the first of my self-help books, was nominated for Small Business Trends' Small Business Book of 2010 and is available at all the usual suspects, including Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.

    Are you ready to "level up?"


    Upgrade your life with an online course, check out my speaking topics, hire me as a coach or get inspired anytime...I am just an email away.


  • Get Out of Your Own Way!

    a quick video about your life

    "Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive."

    - Elbert Hubbard -


    My Speaking Topics focus on Stress Management, Self-Talk, Confidence and Motivation...all with a humorous bent. Want to learn more? Let's talk.

  • Self-Paced (On-Demand) Courses

    YOUR Learning on YOUR Schedule!

    4 Ways to Get Out of Your Own Way Today!

    This compact course helps you to understand and apply 4 basic concepts that all success needs as a foundation:

    1. Motivation

    2. Habit

    3. Dealing With Your Stress in a Way That Serves You

    4. Other People (they are everywhere!)

    Filled with easy to understand and easy to apply thoughts, tips, and tools, this course will have you making little shifts that will make a big difference in your life in no time.

    3 Steps to Unleashing Your Connectivity Superpowers!

    (Cape Optional)

    Learn the Superpowers that set you apart from the pack (everyone's are different!). Get clarity on who you really are, what you REALLY have to offer, and how to show up with that authentic awesomeness, both in person and online.

    Embrace Your Inner Idiot:

    28 Ways to Focus, Connect, and Thrive When Things Don't Go Your Way

    This is a “cut to the chase” personal transformation course that walks you through a process to become the best you…flaws and all.

    Learn how to gain clarity, connect purposefully, and gives ourselves a chance for a positive outcome...no matter what is coming at us!

  • Robin's Books

    Get Off My Bus: How to Get Clarity, Get in the Driver's Seat, and Get Moving in Your Life!

    Are your passengers healthy or toxic?

    OK, here is the analogy:

    You are a bus driver in life and you have an empty bus. When you are born, certain people take a seat on your bus immediately when you pop out (mom, dad, family, etc.). Throughout life, you pick people up on your bus and you drop people off along the way. People are constantly getting on and off of your bus. Some are invited, while others are just along for the ride by virtue of your decisions about life and work. You also have people on your bus who are always on your bus, but move from the front to the back and then from the back to the front, but they are always there on your bus. Then you have people throughout your life that you pick up and drop off more than once. People who truly do go out of your life and truly come back into your life for a reason.

    Some of these passengers are healthy and some are toxic.

    So what? Well...the passengers on your bus play a vital role in your success (or lack there of).

    However, without clarity about who you are and where your bus is going, it is difficult to know whether your passengers are there to help you or hurt you.

    Get Off My Bus! takes you on a journey out of your head. Simply put, there are things in life over which you have zero control and there are things in your life over which you have complete control. Chances are, like most people in our society, you spend way too much of your time and energy focusing on those things you cannot control instead of the very few, very important things over which you have total control. That, of course, creates stress. This self-inflicted stress is what stops you from doing what you keep saying you want to do (but never do)...which creates (you guessed it) more stress! It also creates an awful lot of regret as you start to look over your shoulder at the things you "never got around to doing."

    It is important to realize that you are in control of stopping and letting somebody off of your bus or stopping and letting someone climb aboard.

    So, how do you "flip the switch?" How do you stop creating stress in your life and move towards something more fulfilling? How do you make choices to ensure your passenger list is in concert with both your journey and destination? How do you stop choosing to be miserable and start choosing to be happy? Do not kid yourself...you choose it all.

    Get Off My Bus! helps you to gain clarity and start building a roadmap. It will help you confidently get in the driver's seat of your bus, know where you are going, and make sure the right passengers are on board (and the wrong ones are let off at the next stop!).

    If you are ready to begin your journey, gaining control of your world takes place within these pages.

    18 Ways to Stop Stressing NOW!

    When it comes to good health, it is not just about what you are eating; it is as much about what is eating YOU! Stress is a constant companion in our society today. If you notice, we do not call it "stress elimination," we call is "stress management." Why? Because it is a part of our lives and it always will be there. However, when we learn some simple techniques, which literally allow us to regain control in the moment and go "from 60 to 0," we become empowered. THAT is what this book is all about; quick, simple, actionable ways to dump your stress at any time, within that very moment, whenever you need to.

    5 Out of 5 Stars Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble Reviews Include:

    "A MUST-READ for anyone who is "stuck" in his or her life!

    What really stuck with me after reading Robin Sacks' book, Get Off My Bus, is a phrase she uses over and over throughout the entire book, "get clarity, get moving, get results." This book created for me a mindset of simplicity and clarity. I realized that most of my time (and I am sure the time of others) is spent on minutia or drama. When I started to use this process and the tools and thinking that Sacks suggests, I was amazed at how quickly I found more time, more energy, and got more results...simply by "getting out of my own way" (another of Sacks' mantras)! To boot, I also quickly became impatient with the minutia and drama of others and learned to let go of it quickly and move on. Thank you for a new mindset that consistently moves me forward! I had it in me all the time and simply did not know it! You opened my eyes wide!"


    "Your personal guide to getting where you want to go complete with map. Reading Robin Sacks' book "Get Off My Bus" is like sitting across from her and talking with her over coffee. This easy to understand book (I love the analogy of the bus)helped me understand exactly what I need to do to get where I want to go and who should be going there with me. It's a quick read, but it's packed with useful information to give you that 'kick in the pants' we all need to get motivated. Robin's humorous way of relating makes this book a fun read while you are learning some really great tools. Everyone needs Robin on their bus. She is inspirational."


    "Great Gift for Friends, Family or Yourself!

    It's like sitting down with your closest friend, someone who really knows you, and hearing the things you could probably figure out if you had the time and energy, but most likely will never get.

    "This book is like a GPS to a better future!

    Looking for clarity, confidence, and a little more control? Check out this book! Robin Sacks spells out in the clearest of terms how to get out of your own way and start building something truly special. I've watched Robin bring workshop crowds to their feet with her inspiring messages. This book is like a GPS, keeping you on the fastest route to a better future."

    "Clarity takes you where you want to go.This book helps you understand who you are and where you need to be. Sacks takes you on a journey towards self discovery and helps the reader to pinpoint the steps needed to get clarity and fall in love with life all over again. When you finally realize what it is you want and need and follow the steps in this book, the rest as they say...is history."


    "Robin Sacks has a real gift and she shares it with you in this book.

    The clear message is to help yourself. Simple, right? But how come we so rarely do just that? In "Get Off My Bus,"Robin not only puts you in the driver's seat, but gives you a simple map. The map won't take you everywhere, but it will show you how to start your journey. The point is that YOU then figure out where you want to go and when. Not by ignoring everyone else, but by developing a clearer perspective that makes sense for you. I can't think of anyone who would not benefit from reading this book."

  • Robin's Speaking Topics

    (aka Things I've picked up over the years)

    How to Develop a Great Working Relationship With Your Stress!©

    Stress usually does not come from the situation at hand. Stress usually comes from the fact that we are obsessing about the situation at hand! After all, life is not about what happens to you (life happens to everyone!)…life is about how you choose to respond to what happens to you! This is a witty and eye-opening presentation that will help you simplify decision making, find the absolute humor in what you stress about everyday, put a lot of things into a new perspective, and create a torrent of prosperity in your life by learning to "develop a great working relationship with your stress!"


    * There is a Conflict Management/Conflict Resolution Add-On Available for this Program

    How to Get Things Done (and Keep Your Sanity) for Real Lives©

    Have you ever noticed how much you get done the day before you go on vacation? Wouldn't you love to have that same type of motivation and productivity more often? What tends to get in the way are those "little things" that should take moments, but instead seem to sit for days or weeks or months without getting accomplished. The challenge with this is that, every time we see that "little thing" again, it creates a little stress. That "little" stress builds up over time and creates big stress...and that big stress gets us "stuck!" This is a fun and energizing workshop that helps you to make some small shifts with your habits that will have a huge impact, not only on getting things done effectively and efficiently, but making sure the RIGHT things are getting done, all while keeping your energy, your sanity, and, most importantly, your sense of humor.

    Get Off My Bus©

    Get Off My Bus is about control. If you are in the driver’s seat, you have control over where you are going, which route you choose to take, who your passengers are and, often more importantly, who they are not. Join Motivational Speaker and Author, Robin Sacks, on a ride to discover who your passengers have been in the past, who they are in the present, and who needs to be on your bus in the future.


    * This Program has a companion book.

  • Recommendations

    The word around town

    "People hire Robin when they are ready to stress less and accomplish more!"

    “Insightful author, great humor, direct, lessons offered lessons learned, great facilatator and fantastic speaker...all in one package... WOW! see her, hear her, read her,.... HIRE her!"

    Bob Weinhardt ("ToshibaBob"),

    Marketing Co-ordinator

    Toshiba Business Solutions - Ohio


    “I just finished Robin's new book, Get Off My Bus. It was a very clear, & effective "roadmap" that helped me take back control of my life after almost 40 yrs. as a brick & mortar retailer. WOW .. Life goes on & should be appreciated & celebrated ! I wish I could have read it years ago :) Kudos. Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative.

    Sharon Blumenthal,

    "The Presentation Pro"


    “Robin is a great motivator. Her words speak the truth. You must be the driver of your own bus! To achieve your goals you must be the person that controls your destiny in business. I took her words to heart and made some changes in how I do my business and I'm already seeing results. I would endorse her to anyone that wants to get out of their own way and learn from an engaging speaker. She is easy to listen to and makes learning not only informative but fun!”

    Judy Brown,

    Business Development Sales Specialist

    Colortone Staging & Rentals


    “As a professional speaker and coach, Robin Sacks engages her audience with unbridled energy and enthusiasm! She spoke at my last event and the audience was captivated by her ability to illustrate how they are in the driver's seat of their own destiny. Offering solid solutions to some of life's most complex challenges, Robin creates a customized road map to help you get from where you are ~ to where you want to be."

    T.L. Champion,

    Owner and Creative Director

    Champion Studios


    "Robin is a woman with brilliant ideas. I would highly recommend that you work with Robin and pay close attention to what she says. Her enthusiasum for her work and family is heart warming. Her coaching skills are inspirational."


    Mary Corrigan, Realtor,

    RE/MAX Crossroads


    “As challenging times creep into the forefront of our lives/the majority of us aren't always sure which way to turn. I, however, have been extremely fortunate to have grown alongside one of the smartest and most positive people I have ever known. Robin has led me on a journey not only towards finding myself, but also in locating my proper way within the world. Robin's methods not only work, but allow you to have fun while you mold yourself into the person that you always wished you could be.

    Robin is able to tailor a life plan for any and all who cross her path. I know that I still have an exceptionally long road ahead of me in terms of reaching my full potential and finidng my star power within this life time. I am confident, however, in knowing that as long as Robin is looking out for me and acting as a guiding force within my life, I will no doubt get where I need to be. She will show me how to recognize what is out there for me.

    Thru following her proven strategies, including “Flipping the Switch,” I can bring about resolution in all of the goals and issues I may ever face. She will help me to not only realize my dreams but lead me down the proper road to get there. Robin is a wonderful teacher and most importantly, an exceptional human being. She has made a world of difference to me and I am certain she will be able to do the same for you.”


    Alison Sonderman, Account Manager,

    Progressive Insurance


    “Robin is able to out energy, focus and aggressiveness together with an unending good nature, a combination that always gets results.”


    Jason Allen, TV Reporter,



    "Spend 15 minutes on yourself and attend Robin's thought- and action-provoking (and frankly, entertaining) presentation that answers the question: "Life is too short, why am I doing this?" Whether the "this" is a career, an education, keeping up with the Joneses or just being a decent person, you'll walk away with not only an answer...or two...or three, but also some tools to get your life off the dime in more ways than one!"


    Brian Frolo, Principal, Designer,

    Parallel Practice, LLC


    "Robin captured the audience with her inspiring points about stress, life, and perspective."

    “I had the opportunity to hear Robin speak at a recent American Marketing Association meeting. Robin captured the audience with her inspiring points about stress, life, and perspective. Her background makes her a perfect motivational speaker and coach. I am very impressed with the variety of topics she can provide and I am already looking forward to hearing from Robin again.”

    Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative


    Colleen Rice, Community Relations Specialist,

    Medina County Health Department


    “As the President-Elect of The Akron/Canton American Marketing Association, I can say with great certainty that it was a true pleasure to hire Robin Sacks to present "Separating Who You Are From What You Do." Robin's presence and ability to inspire an audience are what make her different. I highly recommend Robin Sacks!”

    Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative


    Paul Douglas, Financial Advisor,

    UBS Financial Services


    “I have had the wonderful opportunity to hear Robin speak at a NAWBO event recently. She is very passionate about bringing out your own passions and has valuable insights as to how you can achieve them. She's very engaging and a delight to listen to when you feel that you have lost your way. Her "way coaching" will bring you right back on track!”


    Cherie Lin, President and CEO,

    Envirodox, Inc.


    “Robin is enthusiastic and passionate about teaching ways to self-coach.”


    Pam Ryan, Owner,

    Virtual Ringmaster, LLC


    “Robin Sacks is an excellent communicator and has put together a presentation that is excellent for people of all ages and positions. It sums up in a short time how important it is be optimistic and not accept the word of nay sayers who will never see the benefit of a new concept. Robin is able to get across the essential ideas with professionalism and humor. I would recommend her presentation to everyone as it is invaluable to anyone who wants to make a big difference in our world.”

    Marc Stolarsky, Attorney,

    Marc L. Stolarsky Law, LLC


    "Thanks again for a great program. You are gracious with your time and an excellent presenter. Hope we can continue to work together."


    Catherine Ciha, Corporate Director, Fund Development,

    Visiting Nurse Association


    "Just wanted to thank you again for sharing your story and your wonderful ideas with the women on Monday night. You are a great example of personal evolution in action. You challenged the audience to get specific with their dream and that is truly the key to creating that better reality."


    Betsy Muller, President,

    The Indigo Connection


    Barbara Sager, Independent Sales Consultant,

    Mary Kay Cosmetics


    "On behalf of the Warrenville Heights Area Chamber Of Commerce’s Women In Business group, I would like to thank you for enhancing our networking meeting with your presentation, “Taking Control Of Your Financial Future In Changing Times.” Your presentation was informative as well as coherent. We received positive feedback from all those in attendance, and would love to invite you to speak again in the future."


    Chalana Williams, Business Development Rep.,

    Third Federal Savings Bank


    “Robin was the presenter at the September Beachwood Chamber Home Office Link with the topic , "Separating Who You Are From What You Do". Her presentation was well prepared, interactive, energetic, innovative, and so well received. I would highly recommend Robin as a speaker/presenter/coach!” September 22, 2009

    Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative


    Wendy Schwarz, Marketing Consultant,

    The Goddess of Networking


    “Robin is very passionate about everything she does, and she does it well. I had the pleasure of working with her for 2 years at KTWO-TV. She was a dedicated reporter and anchor and then took on the difficult task of community affairs director. Robin succeeded in both. On top of the great work she does, Robin is truly one of the funniest people I've ever met. I would highly recommend Robin for any job, including standup comedian!”


    Blake Smith, Meteorologist,


    "She is an amazing combination of strategic thinker, class clown and generous friend."

    “Robin Sacks is an original thinker and an engaging speaker. She is an amazing combination of strategic thinker, class clown and generous friend. You can count on her to tell it like she sees it ~ and she sees things that most people miss. Her specialty is showing you how to get out of "the box" and she knows exactly how to blaze a new path through outmoded behaviors and thinking. Robin is sheer joy to be around and her ideas will change your life. She has my highest recommendation.”

    Maia Beatty, Principal,

    Maia Beatty & Associates, Inc.


    “If you're looking for a speaker who can educate, motivate, and yes, even amuse, check out Robin Sacks. I had the pleasure of watching her address a recent ASTD chapter gathering. Robin speaks from the heart, challenging audiences to leap over roadblocks, clarify goals, and stretch to make amazing things happen. Her personal stories were particularly good!”


    Donna Kastner, Founder,



    “Robin Sacks is passionate about everything that does and her enthusiasm shines through. Whether she is coaching one-on-one with her clients, or presenting to a group. she helps her audience look at the things they are currently do in their lives and helps them find better ways to get it done. Her common sense approach is filled with humor and boatloads of "ah-ha" moments. I would recommend Robin to anyone who is looking to be inspired by a true professional. Robin is definitely making a difference.”


    Lisa Ryan, Founder,

    Appreciation Strategies


    “I was introduced to Robin through a mutual acquaintance. I've had the pleasure and benefit to hear Robin present at speaking engagements on several occassions. Robin is a gifted motivational speaker and life coach. She taps on our sensibilities through her message "Staying Positive in a Negative Environment" with humorous anecdotes and thought-provoking introspect that is engaging, inspiring and motivating. Not only is Robin an expert, she is very personable, resourceful and a joy.”

    Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative


    Aubrey Morgan,

    Management Consultant


    "Your talk was fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing your expertise with all of us. I love listening to people who have such a fantastic outlook on life. I have heard Robin speak on a few occasions recently and she gives an excellent talk worth listening to. She is very upbeat and motivational. Would highly recomend her for a presentation. She is also a great networker.”

    Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity


    Georgia Awig,

    Mary Kay Sales Director


    “Robin provided an uplifting presentation to a networking group I was involved in on how to look at --and control-- the life you have and make it a fun and pleasurable experience. She was highly motivating, and provided a number of insights and techniques which I have carried with me and shared with others for personal happiness and success. Very inspiring!”



    Tina Romano-Allen, Independent Human Resources &

    Career Management Specialist


    “Robin made me realize that I was getting BACK on the hamster wheel of life. I am now in the right place. Doing the right thing for the right people, and loving it!” February 16, 2010


    Tom Hornikel, Automotive Sales & Leasing Consultant,

    Ed Tomko Chrysler Jeep Dodge


    “Robin, you do a great job connecting with your audience and giving them something solid to think about! I also truly appreciate you taking the time to meet with me after your wonderful presentation at the CCF meeting. I enjoyed our chat and learned a lot from you. You encouraged me to be more mindful of my actions and reactions, question what stories I tell myself, figure out where I am spending my energy and try to get more clarity on what I want to do and how I am going to achieve it. Most importantly, you made me really think deeply about who is going to be riding the “bus” with me. Thank you, thank you and thank you!”

    Devi Gursahaney, International Associate,



  • Interviews/Articles

    Sharing knowledge through interviews...


    3 Ways to Tame the Holiday Stress Monster! by Robin Sacks

    This time of year, herein referred to as "the holidays," is an utter stress trap! How can a time filled with trouble-making relatives, the same old stories about you falling down the stairs when you were 5 ("and doesn't that explain a lot!"), and the endless comparing yourself to everyone else not create at least a small case of resentment in its finest form? Wouldn't it be great if, just one time, it was different?



    Be Quiet! (So You Can Hear the Answers) by Robin Sacks

    On the street of life, are you helping things flow or are you creating gridlock? Become aware of where you are creating your stress and where you are getting your energy. Begin to move towards your energy MORE often than you move towards your stress. The result? You allow yourself to get out of your own way! Here's how...



    Your Blinkers Are Showing: 1 Step Closer to Less Stress! by Robin Sacks

    Have you ever noticed that you can see faults in others, answers to their dilemmas, and honestly believe that you know exactly what they should be doing with their lives? Sometimes, you can see all that even while your life is falling apart. Ever wonder why? It is because you have fallen victim to "blinker syndrome."



    5 Ways to Find 3 Lost Hours Every Week! by Robin Sacks

    Look at what everyone else is doing; then do something different! Ready to stop managing your time and start managing your life? Read on...



    Mining for Diamonds in Your Own Life by Robin Sacks

    Want to know a really, really COOL secret? YOU are an acre of diamonds. Why? NOBODY is like you. You already bring positive aspects to the table simply by being you. Your focus should be on how to enrich those positive aspects, rarely on how to create new ones. Stop wasting time and energy on something that is not going to change.



    One Way to Stop Selling and Do More Business by Robin Sacks

    Prescription before diagnosis is malpractice in the medical world. Are you over-prescribing in your business?



    One Simple Way to Take the Fear Out of Information Overload by Robin Sacks

    Perspective is a tool. It is a phenomenal tool. It costs nothing. It can be changed or tweaked in an instant. 99% of the time, it is the difference between fear (perception) and clarity (reality). One perfect example of a perception that creates an overwhelming fear in a great deal of our society is the "world wide web." If you feel there is just "too much out there," read on... this quick analogy will change your perspective in an instant.



    1 Simple Way to Head Off a Negative Spiral of Thoughts by Robin Sacks

    When we begin to question ourselves about something, which most people do several times a day, we tend to get too into our heads and quickly create a negative spiral of thoughts. When this happens, if you implement a simple action, you can stop a negative spiral in its tracks and move forward.



    Expectations Are More Powerful Than Goals by Robin Sacks

    Everyone you know, including yourself, have set goals and not met them. On December 31 of every year, someone you know is going to exercise more, someone you know is going to lose that 20 pounds once and for all, and someone you know is going to quit smoking. Most of them will not succeed. Why? Not because they did not have a goal, but because they did not have the correct expectation.



    You Are Doing It All Backwards! 3 Simple Ways to Jump-Start Your Fame by Robin Sacks

    If you ask someone's opinion (bad idea #1), more often than not that person will tell you that things should be done in a certain way in order for you to market yourself or your business. More often than not, that person is wrong. It is at times like these when you need to reach into your toolbox and pull out the one and only tool you really ever need, but rarely use... Common Sense. Here are 3 simple (and free) ways to jump-start your fame.



    Stop Managing Your Time and Start Managing Your Life by Robin Sacks

    The way that most people choose to live their clock-dictated lives is to be as reactive as possible. In other words, you do the laundry when you have officially run out of underwear or grocery shop when you are about to go broke from eating out everyday. You rush every morning and still leave just in time to get into rush hour traffic and stress out about being late to work. You constantly feel out of control of your life and your time, but think about this for a moment. Time management is overrated. Life management is a much more efficient and effective way to regain control of both your time and your life! Take a look and enjoy yet another desperately needed "AHA moment."



    Check Your Transition at the Door by Robin Sacks

    The word "transition" needs to transition out of our vocabulary. It has officially joined the ranks of many other once useful and descriptive words, such as "motivated," "team-player," and "awesome," which have become so overused that they have completely lost their definitional meaning. You are in so much more control at this moment than you are telling yourself. It is all a mindset! Here are 3 ways to go from "I am in transition" to "I am thriving!"


    ...and more Articles:

    3 Types of Leaders by Robin Sacks

    You may hold many leadership titles in your life: Director, Manager, Mom, Dad, Friend. Are you walking dogs or are you showing others how to be great leaders? "Follow the leader" works well in kindergarten. In adulthood, empowering others is the key. "Great leadership" has less to do with looking over the shoulders of people and more to do with empowering others.



    I Can Be by Robin Sacks

    What could you be before someone told you that you could not? What could you be before YOU told yourself you could not? What could happen if you pulled out that superhero cape again?



    When Did You Stop Asking Questions? by Robin Sacks

    When did you stop asking questions? We all did at some point. Every child is born with the irresistible urge to ask "why?" And they do! Incessantly! So, where is the problem? After all, is that not how we learn new things?



    Complainer! Yeah, You! by Robin Sacks

    When did you start complaining? We all did at some point. One day you just realize that out of the 10 things that happened that day, you are choosing to focus on the one challenging thing instead of the 9 positive things.



    3 Reasons People Do Not Find "Success" (Whatever That Means) by Robin Sacks

    Define "success." Not what you think it is supposed to mean... what it actually means to YOU. For the sake of this article, "success" is defined as having something you want to accomplish and taking the action necessary to accomplish it. With that simple definition (because that is really all success is), why does it elude so many people? There are 3 simple reasons.



    1 Trip Away From Real "Success" by Robin Sacks

    If you choose to do things in your life without thinking about WHERE you are actually trying to go and WHY are you doing what you are doing to get there, you can be deceiving yourself into thinking you are on the right course when, in reality, you are so far off course that you are heading in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, too many people do not realize that until it is too late to turn around. Knowing the WHERE is so much more important than knowing the HOW! Get clarity on the WHERE, take ACTION, and the HOW will appear.



    Wring Out Your Sponge Already! by Robin Sacks

    Sponges are useful until they are saturated. Then, they are of no value until you wring them out. Our lives are the same way.



    3 Steps to Mapping Your Life Right! by Robin Sacks

    We spend a lifetime drawing maps only to get to a destination and regret that we were not somewhere else! We say things like, "I am nowhere close to where I want to be," "I should have/could have/would have done something else if I knew," and "I just never had the chance to do something I always wanted to do." Guess who is responsible for you being able to say all of those things?



    3 Words Can Change Your Outlook (And Your Life) by Robin Sacks

    Who are you? Have you ever noticed that no one ever asks you that? People ask you all the time "what do you do?" They never ask "who are you?" We live our lives by giving ourselves and others labels and we spew concepts in the form of "elevator speeches." But neither labels nor "30 second commercials" tell me a damn thing about who you are. What is wrong with that you ask? What is wrong with that is that people do not have relationships with concepts... people have relationships with people. So, how do you separate 'who I am' from 'what I do?'



    Get Off My Bus! by Robin Sacks

    Who is driving your bus? It is important to understand that everyone who takes a ride on your bus is there for a reason.



    Develop a Great Working Relationship With Your Stress! by Robin Sacks

    Carly Simon has done very few live performances in her life... even at the height of her career. When asked once by an interviewer, "why?", she said that she had a horrible case of stage fright. She described it as standing in the wings right before her name was announced, getting a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach, breaking out in a cold sweat, her hands going clammy, and an overwhelming sense of nerves engulfing her.



    5 Ways to Prevent a "Columbo Day" by Robin Sacks

    Have you ever had a "Columbo Day?" Everytime you think you have it under control "ahhh, just one more thing" creeps in and you have to react. I believe that "Columbo Days" happen not because we are disorganized, not because we are forgetful, but rather because we have created a bunch of stress for ourselves that is totally unnecessary. Here are 5 simple and easy ways to de-stress and gain at least 15 minutes everyday by simply paying attention!



    Are YOU Making Decisions Like the "King?" Why Not? by Robin Sacks

    Bill Cosby once said, "I don't know what the key to success is. I do know that the key to failure is trying to please everyone." If you make too many decisions based on what others will think instead of what resonates with you, do not ever expect to find happiness or fulfillment. If some of the people who have watched the "circus" incessantly for the last week spent one tenth of the time, energy, and passion on their own lives as they have on the lives of others, their own "success" stories would be quite different.


    Audio (Podcast Guest)...AND even more articles:

    Stress, Perception, and Your Bus!
    Speaker and Author Robin Sacks joins Host Donna Kastner on the 'Retirepreneur: Helping Boomers Reinvent Retirement' Podcast (October 2016)

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    Robin Sacks, Author of Get Off My Bus, joins host Kip Marlow on the Entrepreneur's Club Radio Show



    3 Ways to Improve Your Life TODAY! by Robin Sacks

    Big dreams? Big goals? Big resolutions? Great! That may just be why you are not accomplishing any of them! Small action steps are what get you to succeed in doing anything! It is just like climbing a staircase... you cannot get to the top unless you have started by stepping on the first step. Here are 3 ways to start make a difference starting today.



    3 Ways to Never Have Regrets! by Robin Sacks

    Failure should never scare you. Regret should scare the hell out of you.



    11 Ways to Go Through Your Life Wearing Blinders by Robin Sacks

    If you are on an airplane and the cabin pressure changes and the oxygen masks fall from the overhead console, what do they tell you to do? Put your mask on first, then help others with theirs.

    http://EzineArticles.com/3897514 - Mar 09, 2010

    3 Choices in Life (AKA You Are a Square Peg!) by Robin Sacks

    Everyone has a gift. The challenge is not just in getting clarity on what your gift is.



    3 Questions to Help You Get Out of Your Own Way! by Robin Sacks

    Albert Einstein said the very definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. So, what is standing in your way of accomplishing more? The answer is YOU! The beauty of that? The only thing over which you have 100% control is just that... YOU!



    1 Concept That Will Change Your Life by Robin Sacks

    Get out of your own way by replacing one word you use dozens of times a day! How to improve your outcomes by going from "yes... but" to "yes... and."



    How to Simplify Financial Planning With the "3 Possible Outcomes" Method by Robin Sacks

    Want to simplify how you put together a basic financial plan? Too often, we over-think things and ultimately, nothing good gets accomplished. Here are the only 3 possible outcomes for your life and how, in a nutshell, to plan for each.



    3 Steps to De-Cluttering Your Mind by Robin Sacks

    How do you go from 60 to 0 and still be "happy." How do you switch gears when everything seems to be falling apart and figure out WHAT it is you truly want and WHY you want it? We know that every ending is also a beginning. You can find the positive in almost any negative. SO... how do you do that? You de-clutter, physically and mentally, that's how. Here are 3 steps to de-cluttering your life by de-cluttering your mind.



    Sound-Byte Nation by Robin Sacks

    We live in a world of information overload. We always have, this is nothing new. But today, we suffer from a challenging disorder never before so problematic... "Real Time Syndrome." Whereas, in the past, we have needed to go seek out our information, today our information seeks us out regardless of where we are hiding. Here are 3 ways to "tune-out" in a tuned-in world.



    Cloudy With a Chance of Misinformation by Robin Sacks

    How did the weather become the default conversation amongst strangers? Here is a humorous look at how our society's obsession with the weather forecast contributes to our overall negative outlook on life. The article includes 5 sure-fire ways to go from negative to positive in 10 seconds flat.



    Get Out of Your Head and Into Mine by Robin Sacks

    The majority of the stress in our lives is self-created. That self-created stress is what stops us from accomplishing what we would be truly proud to accomplish. Simply put, there are things in life over which we have no control and there are things in our lives over which we have total control. Too often, we spend way too much of our time and energy focusing on those things we cannot control. This article is about "flipping the switch" and regaining control over your, seemingly out of control, life.


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