Robin Sacks


Success Mindset Coach,

Motivational Keynote Speaker,

Personal Branding Consultant

"People hire Robin when they are ready to stress less and accomplish more!"

3 Ways I Help People Level-Up


Through private coaching, group training, and business consulting I help clients shift their self-talk, body language, and mental-game so they can "get out of their own way" and develop a Success (Performance) Mindset.


Clients authentically begin to be feel more confident, more in control, and less stressed beginning the moment they walk out the door.

Get Clarity, Get Moving, Get Results™

If you would like to inquire about coaching or training, please email me at [email protected] with the subject line, "15 Minute Call Request."

More Information About Coaching/Consulting


Through keynotes, interactive workshops, and webinars, I share boatloads of actionable "a-has" with your audience!

Topics focus on Leadership Skill Sets including: Confidence, Stress Management (with a humorous bent), Self-Talk, Personal Branding and Success (Performance) Mindset.

I am proud to say that I have facilitated personal and professional development workshops internationally for companies including Panera, American Greetings, and Microsoft.

If you would like to inquire about speaking availability and rates, please email me at [email protected] with the subject line, "Speaking Inquiry."

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My first book (and now my most requested workshop), "Get Off My Bus! How to Get Clarity, Get in the Driver's Seat, and Get Moving in Your Life!," was nominated for Small Business Trends' Small Business Book of 2010.

My multiple published articles include topics that help people learn how to: deal with holiday stress, evict the negative committee that lives in your head, stop selling and do more business and find hours of lost time every week.

I am available for interviews for your podcast, television or radio program, or print article. Please send all interview requests to [email protected] with the subject line "Interview Request."

Guest Appearances on TV/Radio/Podcasts

Speaking Topics

Keynotes, Workshops, Break-Out Sessions

How to Develop a Great Working Relationship With Your Stress!©

Anyone who wants to "level-up" needs to learn how to develop a great working relationship with their stress!

We tend to attribute "stress" to something that is caused by other people and situations. However, stress does not usually come from the situation at hand. Stress usually comes from the fact that we are obsessing about the situation at hand! After all, life is not about what happens to you (you cannot always control that)…life is about how you choose to respond to what happens to you (THAT is something you can control)!

This is a witty and eye-opening presentation that will help you take ownership of your stress-response, simplify decision making, find the humor in what you stress about everyday and create a torrent of clarity, productivity, and results in your everyday choices.

* There is a Conflict Management/Conflict Resolution Add-On Available for this Program

The Confidence Playbook©

Along with snakes, heights, and death...public speaking still makes most people's list of their biggest fears.  But why?

If you think about it, we actually speak and communicate constantly. We talk and type and text all day, every day. So why is there still such a fear when it comes to doing it in public?

Here is what you need to know:

There are a few simple skills that can take you quickly from fear to confidence. The cool thing is that they are skills and, just like any other skills, they can be learned!

Getting comfortable talking with people both "on camera" and off is a skill set that can quickly set you apart and engage both your current and potential audiences.

  • More and more business people understand the power and impact of incorporating both short videos into their marketing scheme and online courses into their product offerings - what are the successful ones doing differently?
  • Every time you get in front of people and talk, you are marketing yourself! What they see begins with what is going on inside of your head (!) - how do you mange that conversation in your head to make sure you are able to show up with calm and confidence?

Whether you are entry-level or have the "C-suite" within reach, this is an empowering and interactive presentation that allows participants to fill their personal toolbox with real-world tools that "level-up" their "on camera" or "in person" speaking presence beginning immediately.

* This is also available as a one-on-one coaching offering.

Get Off My Bus©

Get Off My Bus is about boundaries.

OK, here is the analogy:

You are born a bus driver and you have an empty bus. As you drive through life, people are constantly getting on and off of your bus. Some are invited, while others are just along for the ride by virtue of your decisions about life and work. You also have people on your bus who are always there, but may move up or back a few seats depending on what is going on. Then you have people you may pick up and drop off more than once.

They are all there for a reason.

Why do you care?

Because some of these passengers are healthy and some are toxic. That is important to know because the passengers on your bus play a vital role in your success (or lack there of).

Join Motivational Speaker and Author, Robin Sacks, on a ride to discover who your passengers have been in the past, who they are in the present, and who needs to be on your bus in the future in order for you to "level-up."

* This Program has a companion book.

Get Clarity, Get Moving, Get Results!™ Consulting and Coaching Opportunities

The only person who can get you where you want to go is YOU! I can help you start that journey with Expert Personal Brand Consulting and Confidence Coaching. Stress Less, Focus More, & Get it Done!

Hourly Coaching

Uncomfortable with public speaking, but have a big presentation coming up?

Have an important interview coming up and need to show up in a more confident way?

Need some clarity in order to take action, but you have been staring at the problem for so long that you have lost the ability to move forward?

These are examples of everyday situations that often require just a couple of simple shifts that will have a huge impact!

Need success now?

You are closer than you think.

Get Clarity, Get Moving, Get Results™

Monthly Consulting

If you are not where you want to be - I can guarantee that you have either a confidence problem or a strategy problem.

The challenges many business people face at some point are:

1. They cannot see the bigger picture - it is easy to get so lost in your day to day "doing" that you begin to miss opportunities instead of focusing on the things that will bring you the results you want

2. They do not realize that something simple (it can be yourself, your delivery, your approach, your strategy - or lack of one) is getting in the way of you getting the results you want

I work with individuals and businesses to help them get clarity, discover what is getting in the way, determine where the focus needs to be to get the results you want and how to "show up" with authentic confidence in every interaction.

Get Clarity, Get Moving, Get Results™


One-on-One Coaching - Develop Your Success Mindset

Working with both individuals and businesses, I provide personalized, one-on-one support helping small business leaders, managers, and executives develop their personal brands, leadership skills, communication style and public speaking ability. These skill sets (which, like any other skill sets, can be learned!) help clients to overcome challenges, accelerate their development, and lead with authenticity.

Get Clarity, Get Moving, Get Results™


4 Ways to Get Out of Your Own Way Today!

This compact course helps you to understand and apply 4 basic concepts that all success needs as a foundation: Motivation, Habit, Dealing With Your Stress in a Way That Serves You and Dealing with Other People . Filled with easy to understand and easy to apply thoughts, tips, and tools, this course will have you making little shifts that will make a big difference in your life in no time.


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A Little More About Me...

My Philosophy:
You are over-thinking everything! Get Clarity, Get Moving, Get Results™

What I Help People Do:

Through private coaching, group training, and speaking, I provide a simple and humorous bent on Confidence, Stress Management, Self-Talk and Personal Branding...these are the ingredients of a Success or Performance Mindset. My specialty is providing tools and thinking which allow clients to begin shifting their self-talk, body language, and "mental game" immediately. By doing these things, they can "get out of their own way" and authentically start to "level-up" beginning the moment they walk out the door.

My Experience:

Professionally, I am an award-winning journalist, award-winning playwright, professional speaker, author and motivator. Personally, I am a mom, wife, and friend.

I am proud to say that I have facilitated personal and professional development workshops internationally for companies including Microsoft, Panera, and American Greetings. My professional experience includes being on-air talent for NBC and ABC network affiliates as a reporter and anchor. During that time, I trained Emmy award nominees and an Emmy award winner. Clients range from small business leaders to Fortune 500 VPs.

My book, "Get Off My Bus!: How to Get Clarity, Get in the Driver's Seat, and Get Moving in Your Life!," was nominated for Small Business Trends' Small Business Book of 2010 and is available at all the usual suspects, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

When to Call Me:

If you are looking to hire a no-BS coach who will teach you how to show-up in a more powerful, confident, and effective way (while still being you!), I am one phone call or email away!

If you need to hire a dynamic and motivating speaker, I am ready to share boatloads of actionable "a-has" with your audience!


What People Are Saying

"Robin lifted up all 50 of my catering coordinators spirits with a compelling 'stress management' speech she gave at our most recent sales blitz. Robin spoke of how to stress less and accomplish more, all while dealing with real life. I received nothing but positive feedback, in which she was their favorite part of our meeting. She took to the time to relate our catering coordinators daily stresses and applied real life solutions. If you are looking for a powerful and loving motivational speaker, Robin is your gal! As I can best describe her, she is a human sunflower (in which she brings joy to all)!"

Kara Shrigley
Regional Catering Sales Manager, Panera Bread

"Robin cuts through the "noise" of today's world."

Jim Koewler
Elder Law and Special Needs Attorney, The Koewler Law Firm

"Robin is insightful, direct, humorous, a great facilitator and a fantastic speaker...all in one package! WOW! See her, hear her, read her...HIRE her."

Robert A. ("Toshiba Bob") Weinhardt
Marketing Coordinator, Toshiba Business Solutions - Ohio

"Robin spoke at my last event and the audience was captivated by her ability to illustrate how they are in the driver's seat of their own destiny. Offering solid solutions to some of life's most complex challenges, Robin creates a customized road map to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. "

TL Champion
Champion Studios

"I just finished Robin's book, Get Off My Bus. It was a very clear & effective "roadmap" that helped me take back control of my life after almost 40 yrs. as a brick & mortar retailer. WOW...I wish I could have read it years ago."

Sharon Blumenthal ("ThePresentPro")
President -

"Her common sense approach is filled with humor and boatloads of "ah-ha" moments. I would recommend Robin to anyone who is looking to be inspired by a true professional. Robin is definitely making a difference."

Lisa Ryan
Keynote Speaker | Leadership Development Director, Leadership USA

"Robin's words speak the truth. You must be the driver of your own bus! I took her words to heart and made some changes in how I do my business and I'm already seeing results. I would endorse her to anyone that wants to get out of their own way and learn from an engaging speaker. She is easy to listen to and makes learning not only informative but fun!"

Judy Brown
Professional Actor, Vocalist and On-Camera Spokesperson

"As the member task team leader of the COSE Small Business Conference, I reviewed many of the workshops available to our roughly 1,500 attendees. Robin Sacks was the most inspiring and memorable workshop speaker I reviewed. The audience was fully engaged and anticipating the hook at the end of each example she presented. Her energy and insights left those in attendance wanting more."

Carol Drummond
Owner, Drummond Design

"Robin provided amazing insight and advice on how to make my presentation for an upcoming conference really connect with the audience. Her recommendations were as creative and down to earth as she is! She helped me take my presentation from "slides" to something truly engaging and meaningful. What a great experience - I will definitely work with Robin again."

Tracey Kastelic
Strategy & Fundraising Professional

"Robin was by far one of the most energetic, clever, and inspirational speakers I have laid my ears upon. I was fully engaged for an hour and a half without a blink. I took notes that evening and will hold onto them forever. I recommend Robin to whomever is seeking a service such as hers. You will not be disappointed. I hope to see/hear her speak again!"

Megan L. Dyer
Business Development at M.C. Hair Consultants & studio mc

"I can say with great certainty that it was a true pleasure to hire Robin Sacks to present "Separating Who You Are From What You Do." Robin's presence and ability to inspire an audience are what make her different. I highly recommend Robin Sacks!"

Paul Douglas, CFP®, CRPS®
Account Vice President, Financial Advisor, Retirement Plan Consultant and Portfolio Manager at UBS Financial Services

"Robin Sacks is an original thinker and an engaging speaker. She is an amazing combination of strategic thinker, class clown and generous friend. You can count on her to tell it like she sees it ~ and she sees things that most people miss. She knows exactly how to blaze a new path through outmoded behaviors and thinking. Robin is sheer joy to be around and her ideas will change your life. She has my highest recommendation."

Maia Beatty, CPC, ELI-MP
Leadership Coach, Maia Beatty and Associates

"Robin is a gifted motivational speaker and life coach. She taps on our sensibilities through her message "Staying Positive in a Negative Environment" with humorous anecdotes and thought-provoking introspect that is engaging, inspiring and motivating. Not only is Robin an expert, she is very personable, resourceful and a joy."

Aubrey Morgan
Manager, IT Project Management Office at Cleveland Airport System

"Robin made me realize that I was getting BACK on the hamster wheel of life. I am now in the right place. Doing the right thing for the right people, and loving it!"

Tom Hornikel
Training Manager at Auto Alert

"Robin is an woman with brilliant ideas. I would highly recommend that you work with Robin and pay close attention to what she says. Her enthusiasm for her work and family is heart warming. Her coaching skills are inspirational."

Mary Corrigan
Realtor, ABR, e-PRO CDPE at Progressive Urban Real Estate

"Spend 15 minutes on yourself and attend Robin's thought and action provoking (and, frankly, entertaining) presentation that answers the question, "Life is too short, why am I doing this?""

Brian Frolo
Graphic and Web Designer, Codesign

"Robin is a great example of personal evolution in motion. She challenged the audience to get specific with their dream and that is truly the key to creating that better reality."

Betsy Muller
Women's Health Speaker, Best Selling Author, AAMET Master Trainer of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Retreat Leader, The Indigo Connection LLC

Guest Appearances

Sharing secrets, tools, and tips on podcasts, TV shows, and radio.

Choice, Confidence, & Letting Go of What Other People Think (TV Show Guest)

Author, Speaker, and Coach Robin Sacks joins host Donna Kastner to talk about choice, confidence, superpowers and letting go of what other people think!

Click Here to Watch

Get Off My Bus! (TV Show Guest)

Motivational Speaker and Author, Robin Sacks, is a guest on Cable 9's Business of Life TV program. Robin talks about her book, 'Get Off My Bus: How to Get Clarity, Get in the Driver's Seat, and Get Moving in Your Life!' and other stress management tips for real lives!

Click Here to Watch

How to Lower Stress and Be More Productive (Radio Guest)

Robin Sacks, Author of Get Off My Bus, joins host Kip Marlow on the Entrepreneur's Club Radio Show to talk clarity and motivation.

Click Here to Listen

Stress, Perception, and Your Bus! (Podcast Guest)

Confidence Coach, Motivational Speaker and Author Robin Sacks joins Host Donna Kastner on the 'Retirepreneur: Helping Boomers Reinvent Retirement' Podcast.

Click Here to Listen

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