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    YOUR Self-Improvement on YOUR Schedule!

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    A Signature 4-month course with weekly lessons that teaches you how to build your self-confidence, create more positive relationships (with both yourself and others), and level up your confidence in all areas of communication.

    In this course, I am joined by SLVC London Academy founder, Sylvie Lui. Together, we will teach you how to build your awareness about your own relationship with confidence and give you a load of tips and tricks for how to authentically show-up with more positive self talk, effective body language, a confident voice and lower levels of stress.


    Learning to communicate confidently with ourselves and others can be a daunting task, so dive in deep with us for this 16 week course and let's get you cracking with tons of practical techniques and exercises to level-up your confidence!


    This course also includes a full community for interaction and discussions throughout your experience.

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    Grow Your Business By Hitting the Record Button

    Imagine people calling to do business with you because they feel as if they already know, like, and trust you...even thought you have never met.

    That is the power of sharing your expertise and stories through videos.

    It is easier than ever before to scale your business by using the very device on which you are reading this course description!

    Why? Because the best way to show someone you can help them is...to help them! Give them a tool, a tip, an example, a story of someone else who did what they want to do or just show them exactly how do to it!

    There are a couple of things that keep a lot of business people from capitalizing on this FREE AND POWERFUL marketing tool.

    One is the dislike of seeing yourself on camera (this is about self-talk). The other is a lack of belief that you have a lot of value and can help a lot of people with what you already know, if you just got out there and helped them (this is about confidence).

    Here is what you need to know about learning how to self-talk like a pro and grow your confidence into a positive force to be reckoned with:

    There are a few simple skills that can take you quickly from fear to confidence. The cool thing is that they are skills and, just like any other skills, they can be learned!

    Getting comfortable talking with people on camera is a skill set that can quickly set you apart and engage both your current and potential audiences and help you grow your business. Think about it...

    • Every time you get in front of people and talk, you are marketing yourself! What they see begins with what is going on inside of your head (!) - how do you mange that conversation in your head to make sure you are able to show up with calm and confidence? Those are characteristics of people who are "go to" problem solvers (as a business person, what you really ARE is a problem solver).

    • More and more business people understand the power and impact of incorporating both short videos into their marketing scheme and even online courses into their product offerings. Doing this consistently helps you to know, like, and trust you before you have even met!

    Whether you are just starting out in business or have years of face to face or phone experience under your belt, this is an empowering course that allows you to fill your personal toolbox with real-world tools that "level-up" your 'on camera' speaking presence beginning immediately.

    This course will teach you the mental and physical skill-sets that will help you raise your confidence, improve your self-talk to be supportive instead of self-defeating, and show-up like the knowledgeable expert that you already are, so that you can grow your business by hitting the record button.