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    Your Inflated Language is Stressful!

    (Here are two ways to change it)

    Confidence Coach and Self-Talk Ninja™ Robin Sacks explains how your use of "inflated language" is creating unnecessary stress in your life (and tells you how to change that).

    Follow the Rule

    Many know of "the golden rule." It is a concept that many well-meaning people live by. Although a wonderful idea, there is a much better rule by which to live. If you are a "giver," you need to know (and live by) "the platinum rule."

    Action Breeds Confidence


    Let's talk a bit about how confidence and action are a team. It is interesting to think about how confidence (or lack there of) often gets in the way of us taking action. We think we are "not ready" or "need more information." The reality is that thinking is backwards. The only way to truly GAIN confidence is by taking action!

    It's Good Enough! There is No Perfect

    It's good enough! The idea of "perfection" has killed more dreams than "failure" ever has! It is yet another roadblock that gets in our way while traveling life's highway...until you remove it forever!

    Moving From Overthinking to Taking Action

    My philosophy for most of life is simple...You Are Over-Thinking Everything! We think SO much sometimes that it gets in the way of DOING. This video is about how to go from thinking (where not much happens) to doing (where everything happens). I will also give you an answer for one of the biggest action-stopping questions that we ask ourselves...what if?

    Focus vs Multitasking

    If you are struggling with getting through your "to-do" list by looking for more time, you are looking for love in all the wrong places! The answer is NOT more time...the answer is choosing to use the time you already have time in a better way. Stop multitasking and start to put the power of focus to work for you!

    Get Off My Bus! - 1 Analogy and 5 Questions That May Change Your Life

    Every one of the passengers who shows up on your "bus" is there for a reason. It is important to pay attention to all of your riders. Why? Because the passengers on your bus play a vital role in your success (or lack thereof). So...are your passengers healthy or toxic?

    Making Habits Work For YOU

    We are sometimes led to believe that, if we do certain things, we will get certain results. While that is sometimes valid, it often is not! In order to get results we WANT, we need to align with habits that work FOR US (not ones that work for someone else). If your habits are not helping you, it may be time to re-think them.

    Be Productive, Right Off the Bat


    It is time to start talking about one of my favorite subjects...stress! The idea of "stress management" is kind of silly to me. Why? Because we do not really need to manage "our stress," if you think about it. Rather, we need to manage our REACTIONS to things, people, and situations. Our STRESSORS are really the things that we need to look at in order to feel more in control. Simply put, when we feel more in control, we feel less stressed. Today I am going to share a tip that has to do with managing the stressor of feeling non-productive or "behind the 8-ball." Take a listen and learn an easy way to feel productive, right off the bat, every day!

    Set Expectations to Boost Confidence and Relieve Stress

    Something you can do to boost your confidence, "up" your credibility, and relieve stress all in one fell swoop is set expectations! Today's tip (the final one in our April series) is all about how you can take back your time, take back your energy, and take back your life...simply by making the choice to make the setting of expectations a habit.

    Choose to be Happy

    Whether you choose to be happy or miserable, it is absolutely a choice! We all know people who CHOOSE to be miserable. What an absolute waste of time and energy...not just yours, but that of anyone you come in contact with, as well. It is time to CHOOSE to be happy more often. Here's how...

    The Power of the "PV Hour"

    When you put mindset and action together, you get a nice mix of productivity! Today I am sharing with you a mindset trick that gets a lot done in a little amount of time. I call this trick the "PV Hour." Take a listen and enjoy getting a few hours a week back!

    Flipping the Switch

    Here is a little mindset shift that has a big impact. Why is it that our autopilot is to look for what is going wrong instead of what is going right? When you learn to "get the whole story" by "flipping the switch," you can quickly decrease your stress level, get clarity, and see possibilities instead of roadblocks.

    Click Off of Autopilot

    This video includes a challenge. That challenge is to make a conscious choice (there is that word again!) to get off of autopilot. We are such creatures of habit that we go through a lot of our lives not really paying attention. We are "going through the motions" way too often! When we do that, we miss opportunities and adventures and the chance to observe things that may be of value to us and our decision making. Make a point to pay better attention today and see what happens...

    Rewrite the Script - What to do about the fact that your self-talk probably sucks! ;)

    Your self-talk probably sucks! ;) (Most people's does) We are our own worst critics. We rarely give ourselves a break and we are not kind to ourselves. In most cases, we would never talk to a good friend the way we talk to ourselves and if anyone talked to us the way we talk to ourselves, there would probably be a fight! However, taking control of that conversation in your head and re-writing the script can be a powerful shift!

    "Get Out of Your Own Way"

    Remember when life was...well...fun? Take a Peek at Speaker, Author, and Motivator Robin Sacks' Video Menu of Speaking Topics focused on Stress Management, Habits, Confidence and Motivation...all with a humorous bent. Want to learn more? Visit www.RobinJSacks.com.

    Slamming on Your Brakes

    We often think that everyone else and everything else is causing our stress. Well, guess what? You are wrong! Take a listen and learn how "slamming on your brakes" can tell you a lot about yourself and how YOU create much of your own stress. (I love the smell of perspective shift in the afternoon...ahhhhhhhh)

    Success in Perspective

    This is a small, but mighty video. It is about re-thinking "success" and how it means different things to different people. One size does not fit all...so...what does success mean to you?

    The Backwards Bucket List - Life is not always about doing more...sometimes, it is about doing less.

    You have most likely heard of a "bucket list." It is when you make a list of things you would like to do before you "kick the bucket." But have you ever thought about making a "backwards bucket list" and thinking about the things you DO NOT want to do anymore? Life is not always about doing more...sometimes, it is about doing less.