• "Why I Hired Robin"

    As a Coach or Consultant...

    • "Her common sense approach is filled with humor and boatloads of "ah-ha" moments. I would recommend Robin to anyone who is looking to be inspired by a true professional."
    • "I wouldn't be where I am today without her caring expertise and caring sense of style."
    • "I took her words to heart and made some changes in how I do my business and I'm already seeing results."
    • "She's clear, and she cuts through the "noise" of today's world."
    • "Offering solid solutions to some of life's most complex challenges, Robin creates a customized road map to help you get from where you are - to where you want to be."
    • “Robin made me realize that I was getting BACK on the hamster wheel of life. I am now in the right place. Doing the right thing for the right people, and loving it!”
    • “Robin is an woman with brilliant ideas. I would highly recommend that you work with Robin and pay close attention to what she says. Her enthusiasm for her work and family is heart warming. Her coaching skills are inspirational.”
    • “Robin's philosophy is quite simple. Your life is in your hands. Stop making excuses and start making progress by determining where you want to go and how you're going to get there. Robin will help you find out what is keeping you from realizing your dream.”
    • "She is creative and knowledgeable in a way that speaks to the needs of many professionals."
    • “Robin provided amazing insight and advice on how to make my presentation for an upcoming conference really connect with the audience. Her insights and recommendations were as creative and down to earth as she is! She helped me take my presentation from "slides" to something truly engaging and meaningful. What a great experience - I will definitely work with Robin again.”

    As a Speaker...

    • "She was by far one of the most energetic, clever, and inspirational speakers I have laid my ears upon. I was fully engaged for an hour and a half without a blink. I took notes that evening and will hold onto them forever."
    • "Her programs are packed full of useful information, and her energetic style is enjoyed by all."
    • “Robin is an outstanding presenter. She offers a great process for getting out of your own way and flipping the switch on negative thinking. She's funny, relevant and dynamic."
    • "I'd recommend her highly for any organization looking to get recharged, refocused, and ready to take it to the next level!”
    • “Robin is an outstanding speaker. She is very passionate about her topics and speaks in a way that everyone can hear her message. She cares deeply about her audience and works to provide them with real takeaways."
    • “Attended one of Robin's presentations. It was great. While she didn't use these exact words, her message to "stop torturing yourself about the past and move forward in the present" was fantastic.”
    • “I've had the good fortune of experiencing two of Robin's motivational presentations over the past couple of years. Each time I took something away that made me a better marketer. Her down-to-earth approach makes you feel like she's just talking to you. I always leave her presentations wanting more. It will just have to wait until next time.”
    • "I hired Robin for a keynote at a business startup and franchising conference. Her presentation was inspirational and engaging!”
    • "Robin's presence and ability to inspire an audience are what make her different."
    • “Robin captivated our Start Business Expo attendees with her smart, funny and inspirational presentation. I was impressed with her range of relevant topics and would recommend her for any audience you want to wow!”
    • “As the member task team leader of the COSE Small Business Conference, I reviewed many of the workshops available to our roughly 1,500 attendees. Robin Sacks was the most inspiring and memorable workshop speaker I reviewed. The audience was fully engaged and anticipating the hook at the end of each example she presented. Her energy and insights left those in attendance wanting more. Robin presented so many useful and practical analogies and tricks to remember when helping the audience get out of their own way. I know I have used and related many of them to my people, and I'm sure the rest of those in attendance have as well. She would be an asset as a presenter to any gathering of people looking to make a marked change for the better in themselves and/or their businesses.”
    • "She is easy to listen to and makes learning not only informative but fun!”
    • “Insightful author, great humor, direct, lessons offered lessons learned, great facilitator and fantastic speaker...all in one package. WOW! see her, hear her, read her, HIRE her.”
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