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    Choice, Confidence, & Letting Go of What Other People Think (TV Show Guest).

    Author, Speaker, and Coach Robin Sacks joins Retirepreneur host Donna Kastner to talk about choice, confidence, and letting go of what other people think!

    Robin speaking at the Health Tech HIVE at Lakeland Community College - November 2018 (Workshop Facilitator)

    ...talking about personal branding and the power of giving perfume samples!

    Robin Speaking During Her Keynote for the Inspire Awards & Celebrating Women Event in Cleveland (Keynote Speaker)

    "You cannot go where you are going until you leave where you have been."

    How to Lower Stress and Be More Productive (Radio Guest)

    Robin Sacks, Author of Get Off My Bus, joins host Kip Marlow on the Entrepreneur's Club Radio Show to talk clarity and motivation.

    Get Off My Bus! (TV Show Guest)

    Motivational Speaker and Author, Robin Sacks, is a guest on Cable 9's Business of Life TV program. Robin talks about her book, 'Get Off My Bus: How to Get Clarity, Get in the Driver's Seat, and Get Moving in Your Life!' and other stress management tips for real lives!

    Bringing the Experience of YOU at Trade Shows (Podcast Guest)

    It’s easy for us to lean on our “stuff” as a crutch and fall back on old habits of just shoving a business card and literature into someone’s hands instead of starting a meaningful conversation.


    But when you bring the experience of YOU instead of your "stuff" to the table, a magical thing happens. You don’t have to go looking for people as much – they will start looking for you!


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    Work From Your Happy Place (Podcast Guest)

    A conversation with host Belinda Ellsworth about how entrepreneurs find and work from their happy place.


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    Soar to Success (Podcast Guest)

    Robin Sacks wears many hats as an author, coach, consultant and speaker, to help her clients succeed. She takes pride in helping them gain knowledge, but also helps them to apply it in their lives to create the success and transformation they are seeking. Tune in to learn about Robin and hear her tips.


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