Blueprints Alone Don't Build Anything

by Robin Sacks

· Knowing vs Doing,Habits,Take Action,Human Behavior,Self-Improvement
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If somebody handed you blueprints to a house, a toolbox full of the right tools, and a few truckloads of all the materials you would need to build that house, do you think you could build the house?

Probably not. If you've never actually done it before, chances are, even with all the right things, you would get stuck quickly. Why? Because you have no idea how to do it or what you should be looking for along the way. Where would you start? Once you've started, how would you know if you were doing things correctly before you continued building? Would you know if there was a structural problem as you progressed, or would you not know that until the house came tumbling down at some point?

Anyone who approaches personal and professional development in this way will find themselves in the same boat. A book or a coach or a webinar can give you a bunch of tools, and even a complete blueprint, but if you don't take what you've learned into your life and actually apply it, you will not get the results (or anything close to the results) you wanted. This is why we say things like, "Easier said than done."

It's one thing to know how to do something, it's another thing to do it.

Hold yourself accountable when learning something new to not just collect the blueprint, tools, and materials, but to instantly begin using those things in your daily life. The quickest way to get where you want to go is to begin doing what you've learned will get you there.

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