Destructive Thought Habits

by Robin Sacks

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If there's one thing that will get in your way and stop you from accomplishing things, it's destructive thought habits.

Destructive thought habits stem from fear (typically, imagined fear).

We like to think that it's not fear, but rather lack of motivation or lack of organization or lack of knowledge that holds us back, even sometimes paralyzing us.

But, we would be wrong.

When you have a destructive thought habit that tells you you 'need to learn more' or 'are not ready yet,' you need to remember that you always know enough to get started.

We convince ourselves that, "I'm just not motivated right now, but when I get motivated again, I'll be on fire!"

But, motivation isn't really a part of the success puzzle.

You don't need motivation to be successful, you need action. The most successful people are not constantly motivated. They just get up everyday and do what they need to do, whether they feel like it or not.

Organization, or lack thereof, is another excuse people use for not moving forward. We tell ourselves, 'When I get organized/use that new program/get that new planner, I'll keep myself on track.

The problem with that excuse is, you're not doing anything to create stuff; you're just shuffling it around.

When you realize that the fears in your head are self-created, you can begin to rationalize moving past them.

Fears become stories that you tell yourself, and you choose which stories you listen to (usually not the ones that serve you well).

If you're going to tell yourself stories in your head that affect your actions and behavior and feelings, why not start telling yourself better stories? Tell yourself stories about you succeeding, learning, being happy and getting results.

Then, start listening to those stories more often.

Since you're the one making up the stories in your head, you owe it to yourself to become a better storyteller.

The stories you tell yourself again and again and again will become thought habits. If those thought habits are destructive thought habits, you need to better manage the conversation in your head, and start rewriting your stories.

You are the author of your life. Why do you keep handing your destructive thought habits the pen?

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