How to SHIP in 4 Steps to Create Success

by Robin Sacks

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Imagine if UPS or FedEx received boxes at their warehouses and then never put them on trucks to be delivered.

Those boxes might have amazing and beautiful products in them, but nobody will ever know that. Some might have life-altering gifts, but nobody will ever experience them. Others may contain answers to questions long ago asked by family members, and those questions will remain unanswered.

This is exactly what you are doing if you are thinking about, talking about, or creating ideas, art, products, music, business concepts or writing...and doing nothing with them.

Why would you have a good idea and then not "put it out there?" Lots of reasons. Fear that they are not "good," worry that they are not "ready," concern that someone will say something harsh about them.

It all makes sense. But today...that stops.

The world needs your ideas. There is someone who would benefit from you shipping your brilliance right now! There are people who would say wonderful things about your ideas. There are people who will be grateful you didn't wait until it was "better," because they love it as it is right now.

If you are procrastinating on your value to those people, then you are listening to the wrong people! You are listening to the nay-sayers and the pessimists who never followed through on their own dreams and ideas (hint: that's why they have the time to take shots at yours!).

Successful people are too busy making things happen to spend time and energy criticizing others.

Seth Godin says the only way to fight creative resistance is to, “Ship often and ship constantly.”

Khan Academy's development mantra is, “Shipping beats perfection.”

Godin is referring to is the need to be consistent in putting your thoughts and ideas out there.

Khan Academy is reminding us of how important it is to ditch "perfect" and to focus on progress instead.

There are an infinite amount of quotes and gurus and really smart and successful people who continually tell us this stuff. Just this week, I heard Marie Forleo tell me, "If you wait to get it perfect, you’ll never get it out there," and Nike reminded me to "Just Do It."

I will listen to the likes of Godin and Khan Academy and Forleo and Nike before I listen to my cousin, Bob, who - let's face it - never really did anything of value in his life!

If you have made a commitment to be a person of value, then you need to get used to shipping now.

There is no more letting things sit on the shelf. There is no more, "it's almost ready, but not quite yet." There is no more thinking that it is not really "that good."

It's good enough and it can always be made better later! That's why you see "new formula" and "improved" all over products you have known your entire life. That doesn't mean the first one was "bad;" it just means you have made it even better!

After all, you cannot improve something you don't already have!

You are a force to be reckoned with! Your ideas matter! Your thoughts can make a difference in the world - IF YOU SHIP THEM.

Here is your new game plan - no excuses! Take every thought, every idea, every piece of help or support or curiosity you have and begin to "ship" it without fail. Here's how you do it in four steps:

See it

Hatch it

Invent it

Put it out there

Do it quickly and do it consistently.

It won't all be great - it doesn't need to be. But some of it will be.

Think about your favorite actor. He or she has made some bad movies along the way. But who cares? The two or three awesome ones are what you love!

Do you love every single song that your favorite band ever released? Of course not! Some of it was absolute crap! But who cares? The half dozen great songs are the ones you love!

If you are not consistently shipping your value, you are missing opportunities to impact this world with your presence.

Never miss an opportunity to have a powerful presence.

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