I Saw Your Social Media Post About Your Failure (said no one ever)

by Robin Sacks

· Self-Leadership,Perspective,Comparison,Focus on Yourself,Success Mindset
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Today's blog post is small, but mighty.

When you feel as if you are the only one whose life sucks and it looks as if everyone else is doing well, you need to put your thoughts into perspective.⁠

Social media is personal marketing. Just like no company will ever post what they drop the ball on or testimonials that contain complaints, they pick what puts them in a good light.⁠

Nobody is posting pictures of themselves yelling at their kids or what they look like while they're having a crappy day or of the too high car loan bill that they are stressing about paying this month.⁠

You just need to do you.

Stop comparing yourself - especially when you are often comparing yourself to something that's not even real.⁠

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