Job Titles are Getting Creative

by Robin Sacks

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Although I'm not currently looking for a job, LinkedIn always seems to have my back when it comes to positions for which I "might be a fit." LI keeps me in the loop by regularly sending me emails with notices for these open positions. Partly out of curiosity, and partly because 'you never know,' I often click on and scroll through these emails to see what's out there.

I am sometimes entertained (and occasionally confused) by the new trend to make job titles sound much more interesting/fun/exciting/happy than they (maybe) really are.

Apparently, we no longer hire HR Directors, Social Media Marketers, and Sales Associates; instead, we hire People Champions, Social Solutionists, and Cast Members.

I have found that some titles are easier to understand than others. For example, I can figure out that "Happiness Officer" is actually a customer service rep position. Makes sense.

However, I have also come across titles that, for the life of me, I have no idea what the heck they are actually looking for (and I'm a relatively intelligent person). Am I qualified to be a Money Maestro, Cube Guru, or Happiness Hero? How would I know? I'm not even sure what those things are.

The thing I do love about getting creative with titles is just that, it's creative. I appreciate attempts to get away from the same old, same old.

These (sometimes) more specific titles also tell you exactly what the person does. For example, an Account Manager might do different things at different companies, but I'm pretty sure I know exactly what Best Buy's Geek Squad does. At other times, it's just confusing. What is a First Impressions Officer? How about a Clothes Curator? And sometimes, it's an opportunity to further brand a company - did you know that the title for Apple technicians is Genius?

Here are some of the job positions I have seen recently that, at least, made me smile:

  • Numbers Ninja (accountant)
  • Chief Beverage Consultant (bartender)
  • Clothes Curator (retail clothing salesperson)
  • Word Herder (copywriter)
  • Hairapist (salon hair stylist)
  • First Impressions Officer (front desk person/receptionist)
  • Creator of Opportunities (business development specialist)
  • Chief People Officer (HR director)
  • Director of Storytelling (marketing director)

What are your thoughts on this trend? Have you come across any titles that you thought were creative?

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay.

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