Motivation is Not a Thing

by Robin Sacks

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As a professional Motivational Speaker, let me fill you in on a secret...motivation is not really a thing. Let me say that a different way - motivation is not a thing that you need to succeed.

Motivation is more of an excuse than anything else. For example, people often give the reason for not doing something as "I lost my motivation," "I need to get motivated again to do it, or "I feel so unmotivated."

What crap!

Motivation has absolutely nothing to do with accomplishment. You don't need it. As a matter of fact, it doesn't even serve a purpose.

What you need are habits; habits always get you results (both good and bad, depending on what those habits are!).

If you want to develop good habits that get you results you want, they need to be made as a schedule thing, not a motivation thing.

Starting right now, put one thing that you have been talking about doing on your calendar for today. Then, just make sure you check it off before you go to sleep! Next, put it on your calendar again for tomorrow; and make sure you check it off.

That's it!

Check off that one thing each day. Make it small and make it doable, and no matter how you feel that day (because it doesn't matter if you are 'motivated' or not), you are now someone who checks that thing off your list every day. It's just what you are a creature of habit, and habits get things done!

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