Please Don't Waste Your Time Getting Motivated

by Robin Sacks

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Motivation is that LAST thing you need to be successful.

I say that not only with a straight face, but also as someone who makes a living as a motivational speaker, coach, and writer..

That's why I know it's the truth...I am a professional. ;)

If I asked you what the number one thing you need to create success with anything in your life is, you might say things like: motivation, money, or a big network (aka "knowing someone").

And you would be wrong.

Each of those things can be helpful, but none of them are necessary for success. As a matter of fact, I know a lot of people who have some or all of those things, but have never found success.

There is one answer to that question that will give you a better chance of finding success than anything else.

The answer is commitment.

If you want to be successful, commit first, and get motivated later.

Here's why that is true.

Think about a time when you wanted to do something - maybe lose weight, or start meditating every day, or going to the gym, or starting a side gig, etc. It can be anything you truly got excited about doing.

You were probably motivated...for about a week. But the moment you lost your "motivation," it was over.

That is why motivation will never bring you success; it doesn't hang around long enough.

But what if you committed to taking action on that something every day. Maybe you put one thing on your calendar or to-do list every day that you had to check off that would get you a little closer to what you wanted.

By committing to doing that, it takes feelings and emotions out of your decisions, and simply puts action in their place. It doesn't matter what you feel like when you wake up or if you're motivated or not. Those things have nothing to do with getting things done! Whether you feel like it or not, you have committed to checking that one thing off your list today.

When you hold yourself accountable in this way, you are consistently moving towards your goals everyday, whether you feel like it or not.

The more you take these little action steps, the more you see movement towards what you want. The more you see movement towards what you want, the more motivated you get.

Most people do it backwards!

Here's a way to remember that motivation is important, but will never get you anywhere in life.

Motivation is like the ignition of a car. It's a must for starting the car. It creates the spark that puts everything else in motion.

However, after the spark is created, motivation's job is over, much like the ignition switch.

The key to your car is worthless after it has done its job.

To get anywhere, you have to put the car in gear, step on the pedal, and start driving. You have to steer. You have to hit the brake. You have to turn around sometimes and take a different route. You have to make decisions on which way to turn, to keep going straight, or to head back home for the day.

If you want to go somewhere, it doesn't matter how you're feeling about doing those things; it only matters that you do them.

If you want to find success, get in the habit of doing first, and feeling later.

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