Random Thoughts (that can change your life)

by Robin Sacks

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Today, I have some random thoughts floating around my head. Before they get lost, I wanted to share them with you - because they are little thoughts with big impacts!

Thought #1 - If your presence doesn't add value, your absence won't be felt. Are you adding value to the people, jobs, relationships and responsibilities in your life? If you are just going through the motions, don't be surprised when those things begin to leave you behind.

Thought #2 - Love what you do or find something else. We all complain at times about our jobs. But if your complaining is the rule, not the exception, you need to do some thinking about what would serve you better if you took action to serve it. (I guarantee no matter what it is, someone is getting paid to do that job...it is not out of reach if you get clarity and take appropriate action.)

Thought #3 - If it's full, empty it. When your garbage can gets full, you empty it so you can continue to use it. Your mind, your inbox, and your to-do list are the same. If they are full and you never empty (or, at least, lessen) what is in them, they become less effective. Make a point to write things down instead of keeping them in your head. Make a point to either delete or simply move an email to a folder once you are done with it. Make a point to eliminate things from your to-do lists that you're not going to do anyway! Those things are all clutter and they are taking up valuable space, time, and energy in your life.

It is difficult to feel overwhelmed when you pare down your stressors.

If it's trash, take it out every once in a while. The result is having the space to feel in control.

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