Spring Cleaning for Your Mind

by Robin Sacks

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Now that we are officially into the month of March, Spring is starting to show up everywhere.

Marshmallow Peeps, flower bulbs, and gardening tools greet me at store entrances. There are glimpses of sun and rain mixes with some milder temperatures creeping into the weather forecast. Ideas for crawling out of the winter months and into a fresh start appear on every magazine cover you pass.

Even though these "spring cleaning" motivators help our floors to look shinier and our homes to smell fresher, there is one thing we can declutter and freshen up that can last us a lifetime.

It's time to do some spring cleaning for your mind.

Over the coming weeks, I am going to share a myriad of ways to help you do this. But to start, here's your first task. In order to begin sorting through our mind-clutter, we need to first identify what is real and what is completely made-up.

I call this your "bullshit quotient," or BSQ.

You have got to be aware of your own BSQ. We all have one and everyone's is different. Some people have very high BSQ, while others have a low BSQ. The goal is have as a low of a BSQ as you possibly can. A low BSQ means that you are being honest with yourself most of the time (and, therefore, not constantly stressing, worrying, getting anxious or nervous about things), while a high BSQ means you are a great storytelling (and you tell yourself a lot of crap that isn't true...which makes you constantly stress, worry, get anxious and nervous about things!).

No judgement, just awareness. That is why it takes guidance and practice. :)

For the rest of this week, get in the habit of asking yourself, "Is this real or is it made-up?" every time you begin to stress, worry, or get anxious or nervous about something.

In order to do that, you will need to sit back and take a breath before you answer - don't just automatically say, "Of course it's real, they're being jerks!"

BE HONEST with yourself. This isn't about blame, this is about self-awareness. When you have self-awareness, you are in a powerful place - a place of choice.

Every great accomplishment has a starting point - this is yours.

Image by klimkin from Pixabay.

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