Success in 4 Simple Steps

by Robin Sacks

· Clarity,Simplify,Consistency,Success Habits,Success Tips
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We all have things we want to accomplish in life. We have goals, big and small, personal and professional that we sometimes struggle with either starting or finishing. A common reason this happens is because we jump in without a 'clarity process.'

A 'clarity process' helps you to throw all the minutia off the table (you know, that stuff that overcomplicates things and tends to feel overwhelming), and get right into action on what really matters and gets things done.

This intentional four step process, done in the correct order, is how you can find success with anything.

Step 1 - Get clarity on where you currently are

Step 2 - Get clarity on where you want to be

Step 3 - Learn which tools are the ones that get you from one to the other

Step 4 - Practice those tools, and only those tools, consistently (that means every day!)

That's it! Success isn't hard, success is behavioral; you can't just think about it, you have to do it!  Make this process a habit, apply it to everything in your life, and watch how quickly you move forward.

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