The Best Self-Awareness Exercise Ever!

by Robin Sacks

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This may sound a little morbid to some, but it is probably the most eye-opening exercise you will ever do in your life.

I am often asked by clients to help them write concise and effective bios.

You know...those things where we we attempt to shove 40 years of our lives into a paragraph or two in order to make people understand that we have the experience and education they are looking for in, well, whatever they're looking for.

Bios, whether they are on your website or on your LinkedIn profile or on your resume are, more often than not:

1. Way too long

2. Totally boring

3. Not unlike every other bio that you have ever read in your life

Let's face it, bios are marketing pieces. Plain and simple. No judgement, just awareness. They are what they are. They are going to tell people how great we are and how much we love what we do and that we have some experience and a piece of paper from some university, blah, blah, blah.

That is why, when I am asked to help someone construct their bio, I first ask them to write something else - I ask them to write their eulogy.


One reason. Your bio tells people what you did; your eulogy tells people who you were.

By penning your eulogy, you have an opportunity to become more self-aware than ever before, which allows you to see your true value...and make adjustments if necessary.

When you are asked to write your eulogy, it forces you to think about the person you would like to be remembered as, the real value you brought to the table, your character, your integrity, your energy, your compassion and your impact.

When you write a eulogy for yourself, it makes you stop and think, are you being that person you want to be remembered as?

If not, what shifts are you going to make in your life? In your work? With your time? With your attitude?

Would anyone ever get up and read your bio at your funeral?!? Of course not.

None of that matters in the grand scheme of things.

But what you want to be is something you can still work towards.

Before you can get clarity on who you really are now, who you want to work towards being, and what are the things you will leave behind, you first need to know what your real value is.

That is something that can only be discovered by going into the future and looking backwards.

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