The One Thing They Never Teach You (that is the one thing you really need to know)

by Robin Sacks

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Throughout our "formal education," we are taught to set goals, complete assignments on-time, and "work hard." But one thing that we are not taught is how to relax and recharge - one of the most important skills that, if learned and applied consistently, will help you accomplish all of the goal setting, assignment doing, and non-stop working without burning-out!

Your body and brain are just machines and, like any other machines, if you give them what they need, they will perform well for you; if you neglect them and just keep pushing them to perform without giving them a chance to recover, they will be of no use to you.

We all know that, if you don't refuel your car, it will stop running and if you don't plug in your phone when you have 10% battery life left, it will turn off. Well, guess what? If you don't recharge yourself when you are running low on energy or sleep, you will get more stressed, less productive, and eventually burn-out.

Do yourself a favor and begin (or continue) to educate yourself on what would be in the human instruction manual if we came with one. Look at places in your life where you struggle (stress, anxiety, boundaries, lack of focus, time management, health, distractions, etc.) and learn more about how to manage those things in a more effective way. The best education you can sometimes get is the one you choose to give to yourself.

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