The Simple Solution to Overthinking

by Robin Sacks

· Overthinking,Ruminating,Stress Less,Self-Talk,Self-Leadership
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You may call it ruminating, perseverating, stressing, being anxious or obsessing, but it is caused by one thing - overthinking.

Action is what stops spiraling thoughts, not continuing to think about them!

The moment you become aware that you are feeling this way, do these things in this order :

1. Sit back and up (Chances are your body posture is hunched and closed - open up to instantly release tension!)

2. Take a deep breath (Deep breaths start with the exhale. That way you don't continue to 'stress breathe' by lifting your shoulders)

3. Ask yourself, "What is one thing I can do right now?" (Key word = DO!)

4. Answer that question!

5. DO that one thing NOW

You cannot change an emotion by thinking about that emotion. Action is the solution to overthinking.

You cannot say it doesn't work if you haven't done it...and if you've done it, you can't say it doesn't work. ;)

Get Clarity, Get Moving, Get Results.™

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