There Are No Hacks

by Robin Sacks

· Life Hacks,Time Management,Productivity,Self-Awareness,Self-Leadership
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There are no hacks.

Let me say it one more time; there are no hacks.

Not only are there no hacks, but if you added up all of the time and energy you spent looking for hacks, you would have been able to accomplish ten times what the hacks you were searching for promised to do for you!

It is truly mind-boggling to think about all of the effort we put in to making things "easier."

The irony is that we spend an inordinate amount of time looking for...more time.

We've all done this. I am fully aware that, over the years, I have spent a ridiculous amount of time playing with different software programs, attending webinars, and reading books on all kinds of subjects to figure out "what to do to make it easier." (Only to end up using none of them.)

But, guess what? When I look at everything I have ever accomplished in my life, it wasn't because of hacks or shortcuts. It was because I did the exact same three things, in this order, every single time:

  • Get clarity on what I want to do
  • Make the time to do it consistently
  • Do it consistently

That's it!

Want the best hack for anything you want to accomplish in your work or life? There it is; get clarity, get it scheduled, stick to your schedule.

If you don't stop until you "get there," you will always get there. ;)

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