Think Small to Succeed

by Robin Sacks

· Consistency,Self-Leadership,Keep Going,Don't Quit,Make Things Happen
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Little things done consistently get you big results.

That's why learning to how to "think small" is how all big things are accomplished.

People often talk about 'dreaming big' and 'thinking big' in order to make waves in their lives, their industries, their health or their world.

The reality is that, once you have seen the big picture, you have to break it down into little do-able things you do every single day without stopping until you get there...or you will never get there.

The only way you will get to the top of the staircase is if you walk up it, one step at a time.

If you want to play big, you need to think small.

Begin now, and don't stop. That is the only way you can do anything you want to do.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

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