Watching vs Doing (the most important decision you will ever make)

by Robin Sacks

· Daily Habits,Success Habits,Just Do It,Work the Process,Mindset Shift
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Are you a spectator or a participant?

In life? At work? At play?

Your answer will tell you everything about why you have gotten the results you have gotten, good or bad.

Not everything you do is something at which you aim to be great. Many things in life are done for fun, enjoyment, or just to keep learning. But I bet there are some things you do that you want to stand out from the pack when doing. Maybe it's something in your personal life like having a certain level of health or fitness, or maybe something in your professional life like being seen as a 'goto' or 'expert' for your knowledge base or ability.

Here's what you need to know: watchers rarely become great, only do-ers become great.

You become great by participating on a daily basis. You can be great starting right now, if you choose to. How? By reminding yourself that your results don't tell you when you became great; your results are simply the evidence of your consistent greatness over the past months or years.

Here's a mindset shift for you...once you realize that everyone who has ever won or lost had goals, you understand what really matters are the habits, systems, and processes you choose to participate in every day to make those goals a reality.

It's been said that amateurs have a goal, but professionals have a process. Action and discipline make you great, not talent alone and not results. Greatness is an ongoing process, and it's the process that creates your success.

What daily habits do you (intentionally) have that consistently move you towards greatness?


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