What Punctuation Would You Put on Your Day?

by Robin Sacks

· Mindset Shift,Perspective,Stress Management,Success Habits,Pay Attention
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If I ask you to put a punctuation mark on your day, what would it be?

Would today end in a question mark because you have unresolved issues or didn’t complete things that were started?

Would it end with an exclamation point because you rocked the day and got done everything you wanted to?

Maybe it simply ends with a period because, although it was nothing special, you can end the day on a solid note.

Punctuation marks are important when we read and write because they help add energy and meaning to what are otherwise simply words on a page.

The same is true in your everyday life. Where is the energy? Where is the uncertainty? Where is the joy? When you begin to think about the punctuation marks of your daily life, it gives you clarity and helps you know what to do next.

If the day ends in a question mark, don’t you think know you need to learn more? If it ends in an exclamation point, you need to celebrate! If it ends in a period, you can enjoy the closure that being content brings with it.

Remind yourself that you are the author of your life and, at any time, you can rewrite the script, punctuation marks and all.

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.