Your Self-Talk is Lying to You

by Robin Sacks

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One of the (many) life lessons I learned while working as a professional journalist was to always check the source of your information before doing anything with it.

Although this should be an obvious thing that we all do (because it's common sense and prevents us from looking downright stupid), we don't. Too many people just read a headline, look at a piece of "research," or believe what anyone tells them without considering the source. (This is why our society is, at times, one big game of telephone, with misinformation masquerading as truth like it's Halloween.)

But have you ever stopped to realize that your self-talk is not always a good source?

Your self-talk is often misinformed, skewed, or blowing things out of proportion. It's usually unreliable and, at times, even downright lying to you.

Here's a question for you that may be simply an observation for some, and an epiphany for others: Did somebody say something to you once, and then you said it to yourself for years?

Beginning right now, listen to your own self-talk like a competent journalist would; consider the source and don't believe everything you think.

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