1 Way To Eliminate Self Doubt

by Robin Sacks

· Self Doubt,Mindset Shift,Take Action,Self Confidence Tips,Success Habits
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Self-doubt is a strange bird.

It creates an odd cycle that stops people from doing things. The reason I say it’s an odd cycle is because, when you stop yourself from doing things, the result tends to be lower self esteem and lower self confidence, and that creates…self-doubt.

The irony here is that the one thing that stops self doubt in its tracks is the very thing that self doubt tries to stop you from doing. That one thing is take action.

When you have self doubt, you tend to not take any action. Instead, you say things like “I can’t do it,” “I’m no good at that,” or “That will never work.”

But when you take action, you gain evidence that typically negates any doubt you had.

Action equals evidence. Once you take action and see that ‘you can do something,’ ‘you can get better at or learn something,’ or ‘it might work,’ self doubt begins to go away.

Action diminishes self doubt.

Know that the cure for self doubt is simply taking some action. Start small and be consistent. The more action you take over time, the less self doubt you will have.

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Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash.