Your Imperfection is Contagious

by Robin Sacks

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People aren’t inspired by your perfection; people are inspired by your imperfection.


Because, one, there is no such thing as perfection, and two, we can all relate to not being perfect. It’s only when we can relate that we give ourselves permission to take action without being paralyzed by “what ifs.”

If you want to get inspired more often:

  • Follow people who make mistakes (and are willing to talk about them openly and honestly)
  • Have conversations about what went ‘wrong’ instead of what went ‘right’
  • Learn about the stories of people who are now “successful” to better understand how they actually got there
  • Read biographies and autobiographies often to better understand that there is no such thing as an “overnight success”

When you get real, you get inspired. When you get inspired, you get motivated. When you get motivated, you take action. When you take action, you make things happen.

Make it a habit in your life to follow real people who are in the trenches, not just people who are “at the top.” You will not only learn a ton about HOW to genuinely be successful in whatever you do, but you will become more human in the process by understanding there is no such thing as perfection…it’s really imperfection that creates amazing results.

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Image by 진혁 최 from Pixabay