A Moment To Pay It Forward

by Robin Sacks

· Human Behavior,Make A Difference,Choices Matter,Inspire Others,Little Things
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I enjoy my morning coffee.

Maybe I'm a weirdo because I drink it for the taste, not the 'pick me up.' I don't care if it's decaf or regular, but rarely does a day go by when I don't enjoy an early cup o' joe.

My most frequented place to get java is a Dunkin about two minutes from my home. Part of my morning routine includes dropping my daughter off at school, getting in line at the drive-thru, and listening to my audiobook while I slowly creep forward, car length by car length.

But sometimes, something more than coffee happens at the pick-up window.

What also happens is appreciation and happiness. That's because sometimes, the person in front of me has 'paid it forward' by picking up my tab. When this happens, I always make a point to do the same for the person behind me in line.

I have asked the workers at the window how long these gratitude gestures often last, and they typically go on for dozens of cars.

I enjoy some cream and sugar with my coffee, but there is nothing more delicious on those mornings than being a part of a group of people who understand that the littlest gestures can start someone's day off in a positive way...and have a ripple effect that can touch dozens of people beyond that one cup of coffee.

This ripple effect doesn't have to just be monetary. Have you ever thought about how simply smiling at someone will put a smile on their face that will be seen by the next person they encounter? How about how, when you hold the door for someone, they tend to do the same for the next person?

As you go through your day, pay attention to the little things that create big ripples. Simple gestures you perform for one person can positively impact the day of countless people, and that should put a smile on your face (make sure you pass it on!).

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