Stop Listening to Other People (a quick reminder that you are the one in control)

by Robin Sacks

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We sometimes don’t believe in ourselves simply because we’re asking too many people— many of whom gave up on believing in themselves a long time ago— what they think.

Believing in ourselves begins (and ends) in our own heads. It starts with your self-talk (which, for most people, is negative and abusive). When we practice more self-awareness around our self-talk, we begin to see quickly that, one, WE are our own biggest bully and two, we understand better that WE can become our own biggest supporter instead…just by changing the words up there.

Changing your words changes your life.

When you “rewrite the script” in your own head, you begin to see how talented and capable you really are. You can change the word “can’t” to “can,” and the words “I should” to “I am.” You can make word choices that serve you instead of stop you. You can choose words you would say to a friend, as those are always more compassionate and encouraging than the words we say to ourselves.

You are the author of all of those thoughts.

Those little shifts, done consistently, are the start of not needing to know or care what others think.

Others can never tear down your dreams when YOU are the one making the decisions.

Do this today — give yourself permission to believe in YOU and go make something happen by using your self-talk in a more positive way. Instead of asking others what they think about something, use the power of your helpful self-talk, rewrite the script to tell yourself you can or will do it, and then go get it done!

At the the end of the day, you’re not going to say, “I will” or “I could” or “I might;” at the end of today, you will say, “I did,” and that will give you a feeling of confidence you will want to recreate again tomorrow and the next day after that.

Welcome to your new superpower habit.

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