Are You Stuck? It's One of Two Problems (and here's how to get unstuck with both)

by Robin Sacks

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"I'm stuck."

You hear those words come out of your mouth and everything stops because you don't know what to do next.

When you get stuck, you most likely have one or two problems that, once you figure out which you have, it becomes easier to put your life back in gear and hit the accelerator again.

Chances are you have either a strategy problem or a confidence problem.

If it's a strategy problem, the way to get unstuck is to revisit you goals, actions, and results. Get clarity on what you were aiming for, what you were doing or not doing about getting there, and any results that you have gotten thus far (whether they were the ones you wanted or not).

If it's a confidence problem, the way to get unstuck is to take a look at your mindset, self-talk, and perspective. Are you getting frustrated, impatient, or insecure about your direction or current results? Are you not as motivated or excited as you were when you first started the journey? Are you looking at things in the same way, even though you need to make a shift away from what you originally thought? In other words, are you still working your original plan even though you have new information that suggests you tweak it? Those things can result in uncertainty, which in turn can raise your stress levels and lower your confidence levels.

If you find yourself stuck, determine which of these is the culprit, and then do this:

If it's a strategy problem, ask yourself, "What's the next step?"

If it's a confidence problem, go do the next step.

This may seem over simplistic - but that's the point!

It's easy to quickly begin overthinking when we get stuck. But narrowing your focus to the one thing you need to do right now, and letting everything else go, can get you moving again.

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