Shifting Gears is How You Win at Life

by Robin Sacks

· Choices Matter,Take Control,Self Awareness,Self Leadership,Decision Making
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Some people move fast in life, while others move slowly.

Some keep their foot on the gas pedal, while others keep their foot on the brake.

If you're doing any of those things consistently, it's more challenging to get you where you want to go smoothly.

It's the people who shift gears that excel.

Life is not a straight shot; there are hills and valleys, there are starts and stops. Sometimes you need to go around things and sometimes you need to put it in reverse to get clarity.

Most roads are not straight lines and most routes are not uneventful. Those who shift gears as they drive through their lives have the advantage by being able to navigate detours as they arise, steer around the pot-holes of life when they catch you by surprise, and simply go off-roading when they need to get away from the "straight and narrow" for a mental or physical health break.

Ask yourself this question - are you driving through life with an automatic or manual transmission? The difference determines whether you have more or less control in the moment.

If you are someone with an automatic transmission life, who puts life in gear and than doesn't think about shifting again, you probably feel as if you only move 'forwards' or 'backwards' as things happen in your life.

Being intentional changes the game.

But when you trade that in for a manual transmission, you learn to be intentional about your choices. You have to be aware and in the moment beacuse you are the one making the decisions. That teaches you (quickly) how to be aware of what's going on now and where you need to go next. The more you take control, the more you will drive through your life on your terms, easily making decisions in the moment without getting stuck.

If you want to make things happen, you can't be on autopilot. Keep your hand on the gearshift and adjust as necessary.

Photo by DICSON on Unsplash.