Be Quiet!

(So You Can Hear the Answers)

by Robin Sacks

· Self-Awareness,Self-Leadership,Choices Matter,Take Control,Focus
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When you listen to music, several different instruments come together to create a flowing sound which is pleasing to the ear.

There is typically a baseline and drum beat, which serve as the constant that paves a roadway on which other vehicles can drive. Depending on the music, the vehicles may take the form of brass instruments, woodwinds, strings, guitars and voices.

What makes the resulting sound work is when all of those varying vehicles come together to form a flow. They compliment each other.

When they don't, it's just noise.

We spend a lot of time listening to different instruments in the forms of people, jobs, social media, experiences, opinions and beliefs.

Either we create an environment for ourselves where those things compliment one another and flow, or we create an environment where it all abrasively rubs against one another and comes to a halt.

It's like driving through a high traffic area; the same 200 cars can either compliment one another, or create a grid-lock that brings with it stress and anxiety.

The music in our lives flows, so we don't think much about it. However, the noise in our lives stops us in our tracks. It can make us hesitant or synical. It can make us waste our time complaining or arguing. It can fill us with emotions like fear and resentment.

Noise is never pleasant to listen to for very long, and it affects our mental well-being in a negative way.

It's only when we stop the noise that we can hear the answers.

Begin to listen to the"noise" and to the "music" in your life.

Identify which is which.

How do you do that?

Start with some simple self-awareness. Ask yourself this question, "Does this bring me stress, or does this bring me energy?"

Everything brings us one of those things. Which are you bringing more of into your life?

When you begin to identify where you get your stress and where you get your energy, you can begin to make shifts.

That is a POWERFUL place to be!

Consciously sorting your "noise" from your "music," your stress from your energy, allows you to choose which one you are going to focus on more.

When you allow yourself to get quiet and identity which is which, you realize that you control whether you listen, turn the volume up or down, or change the station.

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