Energy Givers vs Energy Drainers

by Robin Sacks

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There are two types of people in the world; energy givers and energy drainers.

Be honest...the moment you read that, people came to mind, didn't they.

It's OK. We know who these people are in our lives. No judgement, just awareness.

When you thought of someone who is an energy giver, it most likely brought a quick smile to your face and a good feeling throughout your body. You actually relaxed for a moment just thinking about that person.

When you thought of someone who's an energy drainer, you most likely either tensed up or felt deflated. Just the thought of that person actually created an instant exhaustive reaction from both your brain and body.

While everyone has a bad day every once in a while, energy drainers are those people who are truly exhausting to be around on a regular basis; they literally suck the energy out of your body and brain and make it difficult to recover after an interaction with them. You could have a two minute conversation with them, and continue to feel the negative effects for the next few hours.

Energy givers have a similar, but different effect. You can have a two minute conversation with them, and the (much more positive) effects can also be felt for hours

Energy is contagious, whether it's positive energy or negative energy.

The people with whom you spend the most time will determine your thinking, your behavior, your energy levels, how much you care, if you are motivated and whether or not you are just 'going through the motions' or taking control and getting things you can be proud of accomplished.

As I talk about in my book, Get Off My Bus: How to Get Clarity, Get in the Driver's Seat, and Get Moving in Your Life, your passengers matter; their attitudes matter.

Take an inventory of your passengers. Be honest with yourself.

Of the five questions posed in the book, doing this will give you a clear answer on question number three - Who Needs to Get Off Your Bus?

It's important to understand that everyone who takes a ride on your bus is there for a reason. It might be to inspire you. It might be to hurt you. It may be to motivate you. It may be to hold a mirror up to you. Good and bad, painful and exhilarating, they all serve a purpose.

However, YOU get to choose which ones stay and which ones go.

After all, you are the bus driver. You are the one in the driver's seat.

Choose your passengers wisely.

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