Changing This One Word Can Make You a Better Public Speaker

by Robin Sacks

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Words have a lot of power.

One word that creates a great deal of stress for countless people — people who are professionals, people who are good at what they do, people who are tremendously knowledgeable and capable — is the word presentation.

Someone can talk about what they know even day, but when they are asked to give a “presentation,” their brains and body suddenly change. We all know the feelings that follow; butterflies in the stomach, heat rising through our necks and faces, breaking out in a sweat.

But what if we removed that word from your vocabulary? What if we replaced it with ‘sharing?’

“Presenting” is a heavy word. It carries some mental baggage with it. The reason is because “presenting” is all about YOU. What if YOU mess up? All eyes are on YOU. Did YOU prepare enough?

But “sharing” is all about THEM. What do THEY need to know? What can you help THEM understand better? How can you make THEIR lives or jobs easier?

You lead the conversation, but the focus is what they need from you, not what you want to tell them.

By changing your words, you can take control of your stress levels in the moment. You are in control at all times, and sometimes you just need to remind yourself it’s not about you! ;)

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