Everyday, a New Life

by Robin Sacks

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What if you woke up every morning and approached the day as if it was a completely new life?

The day was not an extension of yesterday, nor was it a precursor to tomorrow, but a whole new life from start to finish?

Every day, you had a new chance to succeed. And, if the day wasn't a success for any reason, no worries...when you wake up tomorrow, you get to give it another shot!

Doesn't just thinking about that feel good?!?

It feels fresh. It feels light. It feels full of opportunities to succeed, regardless of what happened the day before. No baggage to drag with you from day to day. Instead, you get to unpack it every night.

One of the biggest causes of stress is when our thoughts "live" in the past or the future. Since we don't have control in either of those places, getting stuck in either one for too long causes stress.

When we feel out of control, we feel stressed.

The present moment is the only time we have control; control of our choices and control of our actions. We can't DO anything in the past, it's already over. If we want to DO something in the future, we have to put it into motion now. That's why the more we can be in the now, the more we can take action, feel confident, and move our lives forward.

Wake up tomorrow and approach the day as a completely new life. Do this for one week and see how it not only takes some of the pressures of life off your shoulders and lowers your stress levels, but how it reinvigorates you by keeping you more in the present, where you always have control.

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