Learning is Common, Applying is Rare

by Robin Sacks

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You can read all the books and articles in the world.

You can attend workshop after workshop, seminar after seminar, and webinar after webinar.

You can pay for coaches, and you can pay for consultants.

You can spend a lot of time and money making yourself feel that you are working towards being more 'successful.'

But if you are not taking deliberate and consistent action every single day, you will never allow it to find you.

Learning is common; applying is rare. Knowing is easier than doing, and that's why there are a lot of really smart people out there working way below their potential.

They don't ever believe they are "ready." They need to take one more class or talk to one more person about what they think, or sign up for one more training.

"Ready" is not what you need. Action is what you need.

Waiting will not get you there. The more hesitation, the less inspiration.

There is one thing - only one thing - that nobody else can do for you, and that's take action.

YOU are the one who needs to do that. YOU are the one who CAN do that. YOU are the one who can make things happen.

Make a commitment to yourself right now to BEGIN and not stop.

No more waiting, no more hesitating, no more stopping, no more gathering more information. Put the car in gear and step on the gas; that is how you get to your destination.

You already know enough to begin right now, and if you take action, all of your learning from this point forward will bring you everything you need to know to continue to grow into the impactful person you were meant to be.

The world needs your value...just jump right in and add it to the mix! That's what success is.

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