From Doubting to Doing

by Robin Sacks

· Take Action,Make Things Happen,Stress Management,Behavior Change,Self-Leadership
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Today's blog post contains ONE thing that you can do that will lessen or even eliminate stress, worry, nerves, concern, overthinking, negative self-talk, spiraling thoughts and self-doubt quickly.

One thing! One thing that takes all of those things that seem so big and overwhelming, and makes them smaller and weaker.

That one thing is DOING.

When you choose to replace doubting with doing, you realize the self-doubt was unfounded.

When you choose to replace worry with doing, you realize the worry was probably made up and whatever you were worrying about was most likely not going to happen anyway.

When you choose to replace overthinking with doing, you realize there was never a reason to overthink, because the solution was simple and always right there for you to see.

Whenever it is that you come across this short and simple post (thank you, by the way, for taking the time to stop and read it), commit to spending the next week of your life consciously replacing 'feelings' with 'doings.'

Feel, then do. If you never get to the 'doing' part, the feelings will take over. They will tell you stories that are not real. They will offer you ideas that are neither factual, nor pertinent to the situation. They will pull you backward instead of moving you forward.

Feeling is human, but only doing will get things accomplished.

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