Thanks, 2020 (a perspective shift)

by Robin Sacks

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With all the discussion about how this year's Thanksgiving (in the US) is "different" due to COVID restrictions, here is a perspective on why we should all be grateful for this year being what it is.

Every year, we 'go through the motions.' Every year, we do the same things with the same people at the same places, and we call it 'tradition.'

The fact that we have to do things differently this year has taught us two really important things that we should never forget:

1. If we are upset that we cannot be with family this holiday, what that actually means is that we care about them so much! That's a wonderful thing! It's also a thing that is easy to forget when you are on autopilot, 'going through the motions' year after year. Many people don't have that in their lives. Embrace it and always remind those people how much they mean to you (and not just on a single day of the year).

2. Why wait until a holiday or celebration to be with those people? Getting upset about not being at a dinner that happens once a year may imply that you could find a lot of other opportunities to create wonderful experiences with those people...all year long. Make that happen.

When things are different, that's all they all...different. They are not 'bad,' just different. Perhaps it was time for a 'pattern interrupt!'

Find the beauty in what 'different' has brought into your heart this year. Maybe it will create new memories that you can look back on and smile. might even create some new 'traditions' that you would never have had if it were not for 2020.

That's all. Those are my thoughts for today.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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