Get Out There and Really Suck at Something Today!

by Robin Sacks

· Growth Mindset,Begin,Take Action,Behavior Change,Believe in Yourself
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We talk so much about getting out there and making things happen, using our strengths, and honing our skills.

As a performance coach, I am always helping clients see what they already possess that can serve them well in moments of pressure or stress.

Today, I invite you to get out there and suck at something!

Try something completely new! Something you want to do but have never done. Because you are a total beginner, you will probably suck at it! Give yourself permission to do that.

If you don't allow yourself to be a beginner every once in a while, you have stopped growing.

When you stop growing, all you do is slide backwards.

When you continue sliding backwards to the same autopilot habits that do not serve you, it's like re-reading the same chapter of a book over and over and over again.

You choose to see the same challenges and pain, but if you just turned the page, the next chapter shows you what can happen beyond those things.

By beginning something new, you begin writing a new chapter. That's where the story gets good!


Robin Sacks Professionally, I am a Confidence & Performance Coach, speaker, author and motivator. Personally, I am a mom, wife, and friend.

I live for bad puns and good mysteries.

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