How to Accomplish Anything

by Robin Sacks

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We can teach from experiences, but we cannot teach experiences.

YOU have to have your own experiences in order to change. That’s why taking action is the only thing that will ever create successes for you.

Experiences create confidence.

All too often, what holds us back from doing something is that we “lack confidence.” That’s backwards. Think about it:

  • Listening is a key skill to learning, but without taking action on what you’ve heard, you will stay where you are.
  • Thinking is a key skill to understanding, but without taking action with that understanding, you will create nothing new in your life.
  • Learning is a key skill to knowing, but without taking action using what you’ve learned, you will not move forward in any way.

Make taking action a habit. By doing this, you create experiences faster, you learn faster, and you get closer to what you want to accomplish faster.

You cannot think your way to accomplishment; you have to get moving. But know that, if you get moving, you can accomplish anything!

Get Clarity, Get Moving, Get Results™

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Photo by Rob Wicks on Unsplash.