My Two Sentence Method For Writing More Content

by Robin Sacks

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Like many others, I have "tried" a lot of things to hold myself accountable to write daily. I've put it on my calendar at a specific time (great in theory, not in practice). I've waited until everyone is out of the house, either at school or at work, to sit down and write (but that's ironically the exact same time the dishwasher wants to be emptied and a load of laundry flipped). I've changed my environment, going to Panera to seclude myself in a booth to write (mask on, of course!), but just end-up drinking three more cups of coffee that I would have had I just stayed home, and looking at my emails more often.


But THIS one thing has made it work! I stopped trying to create the 'perfect' writing environments, times, and daily word counts and I did one simple thing - made a commitment to write two sentences every day. That's it, and here's what happened immediately: all the pressure was off, it was something I could easily do every day without an excuse, and it provided me with a completed goal every single day without failure. I literally couldn't NOT do it.


More often than not, I ended up writing much more than two sentences. After all, most of the time, all we need to do is get started; once the pen is moving, it tends to have some momentum. By doing this, I consistently have one to three articles and multiple pages of book projects completed each week!


Little steps make big progress over time. Give the two sentence method a try and let me know how it works out!


Here's to your next amazing writing accomplishment! :)

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