Oh, the Humanity!

by Robin Sacks

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The collective work world has been communicating remotely for about ten months now due to COVID-19 restrictions.

I am often hearing people talk about how sitting in front of a screen for hours every day is draining them of their energy. Aptly called "Zoom fatigue," we are beginning to have a love-hate relationship with this (to some) new approach to doing business.

While I could easily jump into the 'hate' part, I have little to no interest in doing that. Why? Because there is something that is so positively wonderful about having to do business through screens from our homes that often gets overlooked. It's one of the parts to 'love.' That's what I want to share with you today.

I am talking about being human.

Ironically, what the digital, tech-filled 'Zoom culture' has made us is more human. We used to walk into stuffy conference rooms where everyone had on the same clothes, had the same serious "business" looks on their faces, and felt like they had to 'show-up' in a way that impressed others. Many felt like they had to play a role that was not them. Most lost themselves in that game, attempting to look and sound like those above them in the ranks instead of bringing fresh and new ideas into the room.

But now, we have people introducing their kids to co-workers for the first time, simply because they walked into the room not realizing mom or dad was on a work call. We have cats making cameo appearances on camera and doorbells ringing indicating the Amazon guy just delivered a box of the delicious coffee you love to brew each morning before starting work. We know what books are on your shelves and what plants you keep in your home. We know that we are all half-dressed, wearing much more comfortable clothes on the lower halves of our bodies than on the tops.

We feel like we are invited into each person's living room or home office instead of into the sterile board rooms we got so accustomed to seeing them in day to day.

What getting more tech-dependent has done for us is make us more human.

As we continue this journey, instead of focusing on how working remotely is challenging (and, at times, it is), I invite you to be more aware of and embrace the fact that it is bringing us together in ways that we never took advantage of when in person.

We no longer just know each other's title or role in the organization; now, we know each other, and that type of relationship building is good for business.

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