Your Daily Escape

by Robin Sacks

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What is your daily escape?

It's so common to think about saving up for trips and traveling once or twice a year to "get away" ( was before 2020). ;) But, 'getting away' is not only easier (and less expensive) to do, but you can do it every single day!

Every single day!

We all have this disfunction that makes us think about things having to be so much more than they really are.

We think about "exercising" as being an hour long cardio class or a long run, when really it can just be a 60-second plank or 40 jumping jacks. We think about creating a '5-year plan,' when what we really need to do is just start by doing one thing today.

'Getting away' is the same thing. It can be something extensive...but it doesn't have to be.

Give yourself a gift, right now; a gift of 'getting away.' How about you stop reading this and go make yourself a cup of your favorite coffee or tea? Do you like how you feel when you meditate? Don't aim for the 30 minute one, go right now and do the 30-second one! Been sitting in your desk chair all morning? Get up - right now - and go outside for a few breaths of fresh air. Need to disconnect your mind for a few minutes? Set a timer for 5 minutes, and give yourself permission to play that mindless app game on your phone.

When you begin to think about building small 'get-aways' into your day, every day, not only will you be in a better and more clam mood more often, but you will find yourself more present, more productive, and more able to think with a clear head.

Short, daily escapes can do wonders for your stress levels, your focus, and your motivation.

(Why are you still reading?!? Go 'get away' already!)

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