Play Out Scenarios

by Robin Sacks

· Choices,Self-Confidence,Clarity,Self-Leadership,Decision Making
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Have you ever found yourself stuck in a loop of indecision?

The loops usually start with words like, "What if...." As soon as you utter those words, whatever follows is going to begin dialogue in your head filled with hesitation, doubt, uncertainty and questioning...everything except resolution.

The reason that happens is because we ask that question, "What if," but don't answer it. If you asked the question and then answered it, you wouldn't hesitate, doubt, or be uncertain; you would simply have an answer and be able to move on (i.e. not get stuck in the loop).

The way to do this is to play out the scenarios. Any time you begin to ask, "What if," immediately answer that question. For example, "What if it doesn't work?" Well, If it doesn't work, we do something different. "What if I don't get the job?" Well, then you keep looking for other opportunities. "What if I make a wrong decision?" Well, then you learn from it and make a better decision next time.

Think about it...if you are walking down a path and want to know where each additional side-path goes, if you just stand there and wonder, you'll never know. But if you simply walk down each path, then you know. You have answers, and with answers, decisions become easy.

Catch yourself getting caught up in "what if" loops and use the 'play out the scenarios' approach. You may be surprised how quickly and calmly you can find all the answers you need to get, and stay, unstuck.

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