Putting Your 'Better' Player in the Game

by Robin Sacks

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The reason so many people start doing something they say they "want" to change, only to literally give up a couple weeks later, is because they were leaning on thoughts to make it happen, not actions.

Thoughts will never get you where you want to go. Thoughts will never help you accomplish anything. Thoughts are pretty worthless, if you think about it.

"Thoughts" is the player who sits on the sideline and convinces themselves that everyone else is doing better than them, and, if the coach puts them in the game, they would definitely screw everything up and make us lose. "Thoughts" always thinks about the end goal and about how far away that seems (that's why he overthinks, gets discouraged so quickly, and gives up before really trying).

"Action" is a different player. Action knows that the only way to get better is to get into the game; to make some plays and to make some mistakes. "Action" understands that he will not be good the first time; maybe even not the second or third time. He understands that, to get better, he needs to do small things consistently. "Action" keeps his focus on the next goal, not just the final goal.

"Action" knows that it's impossible to reach the final goal without reaching the next goal, first.

When you choose to put "Thoughts" into your game of life, you are choosing to field a team of self-doubt, self-bullying, and lack of confidence.

When you choose to put "Action" into the game, you give yourself a chance to win, or at the very least, to learn and get better for the next game.

The next time you find yourself sitting on the sidelines of life, ask yourself which player you need to put in the game right now to give yourself a chance for a positive outcome. Continuing to sit on the bench will not get you closer to the goal-line; putting action in the game will get you a quick first down...and that motivation will eventually score you some touchdowns.

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