The "Employees" That Make My One-Person Business Run Smoothly

by Robin Sacks

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As a one-person business, I have an awful lot of "employee" meetings each week.

There's a good reason why the word "employees" is in quotes. (No, it's not for tax purposes.) ;)

It's because, although I have no employees, I treat several of my tools as employees.


Because this one mindset shift creates hours of extra time every week!

Some things I treat as "employees" include my:

  • e-mail
  • website
  • social media (learning and engaging)
  • social media (writing and posting)
I meet with these things daily - not all day - at certain times, just like I would meet with an employee (if I actually had one).

Each of these things has a specific job in my business. I look at my website as if it were my salesperson, my social media as if it were my marketing team, and my email account as if it were my personal assistant, taking and sending messages for me.

By scheduling my days in this way, I'm able to get in and out of each of these things, without the fear of "getting lost in the abyss" that each one presents.

In order to keep things running smoothly with my business, I "meet" with each of these "employees" every day. I put specific times on my calendar for when I'm going to touch-base with my personal assistant (check emails), look at last week's engagement rates (check my social media), and determine what my salesperson is doing this week to serve both current and potential new clients (create new content, write blog posts, and make connections).

I check in with my personal assistant five or six times a day, while I typically touch base with the others one to three times a day. By working this way, my focus, and therefore my productivity, is typically quite high.

Using this approach, I am also able to see what's working and what's not working quickly and accurately, simply because I am looking at my business from another person's point of view - my "employees'."

By no longer getting caught up scrolling through social media or ineffectively processing emails, this one mindset shift creates several hours of extra time every week for me! It also creates a focus that is easy to garner because all I have to do is check my calendar to see when my next meeting is, and with whom, to get me back on task.

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