Stop Doing Things!

by Robin Sacks

· Perspective,Self-Awareness,Tolerations,Choices,Behavior Change
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This one mindset shift may help you to reach goals and accomplish more than you ever imagined you could.

When people decide that they want to "do" something, they make a point to identify what they "need to do" or "need to get." In other words, what do they need to ADD to their already busy lies.

If they want to get more fit, they talk about needing to begin schedule exercise time into their day, join a gym, or buy workout equipment for their home.

If they want to lose weight, they talk about needing to buy better quality groceries, eat more healthy foods, or join a program to be able to work someone else's plan.

If they want to start a business, they talk about needing to get a business plan put together, make office space either inside or outside of the house, and buying business cards and marketing materials.

Do you know why most people do not accomplish these things, even if they truly want to accomplish them? A common reason is simply this - it feels as if you are making more work for yourself in order to start something new.


Because you are thinking that you need to add more things to your already busy life.

Want to know the alternative?

Think about eliminating things instead of adding them.

Want to get more fit? Stop sitting on the couch for an hour a day watching TV or get up and walk in place or lift some weights while watching instead.

Want to lose weight? Stop buying crappy foods at the grocery store; remember, you can't eat it if you don't buy it. What healthy foods do you already know you like? Buy those instead when you're already at the store.

Want to start a business? Stop waiting for all the things you "should" do, get on LinkedIn, and just participate.

If you want to accomplish something in your life, the answer is not to start doing things; the answer is to stop doing things.

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