The Bottoms of the Trees Are the Key to Calm

by Robin Sacks

· Calm,Choices Matter,Behavior Change,Focus,Stress Less
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When weather is severe, the tops of the trees look unstable; they blow in the wind and move side to side with uncertainty, looking as if they are going to topple at any moment.

So, why would you choose to look at the tops of the trees?

Why not look at the bottoms instead? The bottoms of the trees do not move; they are solid and unwavering.

They are grounded and still.

A little shift of your eyes can bring calm back into your life quickly.

When the winds of life blow, stop looking at the tops of the trees, for they will never be stable. Choosing to look at the bottoms instead will always remind you that it takes a lot more than a little wind to topple you.

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