The One Thing You Keep Getting Wrong (and how to get it right)

by Robin Sacks

· Motivation,Self-Motivation,Focus,Behavior Change,Mindset Shift
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Chances are you’re thinking about motivation all wrong!

Motivation is not a thing that sticks around for long. As a matter of fact, motivation is simply the spark that gets things started. After that spark, you have to take action or nothing will get accomplished.

Motivation is only a moment. But what you choose to do in those few minutes following a moment of motivation is what separates success from struggle.

A great way to get in the habit of creating more motivating moments for yourself is to limit yourself when you are motivated! I know this sounds backwards, but go with me for a minute - this one mindset shift may change your life forever.

Think about something that you want to do. Now, give yourself full permission to go do that thing, no matter what it is. Here’s the can only do it for five minutes. It might be to do a workout or make as many phone calls as you can for your business; it might be to post to social media for the day, scroll through social media or cut up some vegetables for snacks for the week.

What’s powerful about this is that your wanting to do it is not going to go away. However, when you put a time limit on it (and stick to it!) it makes you want to do more of it. But, don’t let yourself! Instead, schedule another time to do it for another five minutes.

You might ask, why would you stop if you are in the middle of actually doing something?

Here’s why.

From a motivation standpoint, when you stop something while you are still excited about it, you are much more likely to want to come back to it and jump right in! It’s harder to ‘burn-out’ or lose interest. Instead, it keeps you motivated, and when that becomes a habit, you will be unstoppable.

Begin with five minutes, and then work up to longer periods of time until you are feeling motivated for up to an hour at a time (taking a few minute break to stretch and move a little is necessary one you’ve been sitting for so long).

You will be amazed at how much you can get done in such little amounts of time, and how much more motivated you will be to get back to it.

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