Why Would You Want to Go Back to "Normal?!?"

by Robin Sacks

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As I write this during the coronavirus "lock-down," it is easy to look at all of the things that we miss about "getting back to normal."

A little over a month into "stay-at-home" orders (here in Ohio), there is chatter about how "normal" will never be "normal" again.

My first thought is, that's great!

I mean, of course it will be nice to meet up for coffee with a colleague or do an on-site training class instead of a Zoom one or go for a walk without having to cross the street if someone is coming towards you.

That's not what I mean.

What I mean is that we, as in our society, really started to take things for granted. We stopped appreciating things because they were just so "normal." And THAT is never a good thing.

Some are equating this time to "groundhog day," as they wake up every day and feel like they are in a continuous loop of nothing.

My question is...how is that different from your "normal" life? (For many, it's not.)

"Normal" is not what we want to strive for. We can do better. Much better.

How much better will it be to walk into a conference room to meet face to face with your team?

How much better will it be to hug your parents when they stop by instead of hanging out in the driveway?

How much better will it be to feel the human energy of someone giving a great presentation?

How much more will you appreciate walking into a Dunkin Donuts to SEE which donuts you want?!?

How much more will you appreciate leaving a tip, because you actually got to go to dinner at a restaurant with your family?

How much more will you appreciate having a schedule and a boss and a routine and a job?

How much more will you appreciate "having to" wake up early and go to school?

I honestly believe we will find irony in missing some of the very things we, as a society, love to complain about.

The benefits that will come out of this will be mind-boggling for many people.

The biggest one of all being the most simple...appreciating each other more.

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